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Gee (Chapter 81) - Fri 01 Mar 2019

Can't wait for the teenage arc! 

Chiikyuggi (Chapter 81) - Fri 01 Mar 2019

I'm confused. If Sesshoumaru is 300 now, and Izayoi shows up, next arc he'll be 650 and Izayoi is still alive? How?

Orotami (Chapter 81) - Fri 01 Mar 2019

What a way to end the first ark! I'm drooling for more. Lots of questions and no solid answers. Till then! 

TAMARA (Chapter 80) - Fri 01 Mar 2019



Sorry bout the last review, lots of typos, hopefully less.


I love it, I have no idea what you have envisioned for toga and izzy (nickname prompt) ???? It 's fresh and the plot is giving me life Darling. I love the Sess/ Kag rivalry. Interesting , later I hope she begs him to test her limits.(Insert warrior Kag)  I know this is a life lesson with repercussions I'd love to learn. Izzy's role will definitely make the conception of inuyasha weird. The Western Lady's abilities give her insight, she might have know the truth this entire time reading Kagome's destiny and past lives. In this way also discovering a wee bit of her future. 


With Bated Breath 





Ree-san (Chapter 80) - Thu 28 Feb 2019

I think Izayoi is a mistake .It makes Sesshomaru age like a human. And it makes their meeting because of Kagome. Theast chapter is also confusing and not really sure what the point of that jumbled soul whatever is supposed to be. Guess easiest way to sum it is not sure what's happening. 

nicole (Chapter 80) - Thu 28 Feb 2019

So ”iszyoa "is the princess of the dead?

Orotami (Chapter 80) - Thu 28 Feb 2019

Hahah Kagome got slapped by the Gods. Don't do silly things, Kagome! Gosh. Can't wait for her reunion with Sesshoumaru!

Orotami (Chapter 79) - Thu 28 Feb 2019

Hahah oye vey she would be stuck alone trying to find Kagome's soul. Can't wait for the next chapters! 

Skylar (Chapter 76) - Tue 26 Feb 2019

Love it!

Renee Mannings (Chapter 76) - Tue 26 Feb 2019

I honest to God hope he doesn't end up with Izayoi now that he will be raising her from such a young age. It will be a little more icky that I can tolerate.

Katelin (Chapter 76) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

I love longer chapters. More reading material. But I am greedy. I love this story and I’m so happy with all the updates. 

Orotami (Chapter 76) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

Ugh!! WTF. I have no idea what your going to do with her..  and it's driving me crazy. Hopefully, Kagome keeps Izayoi and Touga in line. 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 74) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

Chapters 73 and 74 were very intriguing and interesting.  

The information that was imparted by both Fuiasu and Bokusenou about Kagome and Sesshomaru gives a glimpse into their combined destinies.

I especially liked chapter 74.  I thought it was a very creative storyline on Kagome's fate and future of what the kami expect of her and the why it must be done.  Having 3 spirits in one soul is fascinating.  I assume they are the spirits of Midoriko, Kikyo and Kagome.

I can't wait for you to time skip ahead to see what's in store for Kagome and Sesshomaru.

I love that you have written in a little more of Bokusenou's involvement in the story.  We hardly ever get a chance to see what he is all about and what he can do with his powers.

Looking forward to more updates soon and keep up the excellent writing.

Well done!!!in

Renee Mannings (Chapter 74) - Mon 25 Feb 2019

You story keeps gettng better and better. I love your characters and plot. I am highly anticipating your next update. Welcome back! I am so glad this has not been abandoned!!

Orotami (Chapter 73) - Sun 24 Feb 2019

Screams like a giddy school girl! Longer chapter. Lots of details on why Sesshoumaru becomes such a power control freak. Gosh I can't wait for more! Till next time... with maybe a 6k chapter hahah. 

Orotami (Chapter 72) - Fri 22 Feb 2019

I can't wait for more! This story has me going through every emotion in the book. I just wish the chapters were longer and more frequent. I found myself re-reading every chapter before this one. I can't stop the emotional roller coaster you've got me on with this story! Till next time!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 72) - Thu 21 Feb 2019

Awesome updating and writing.

Chap. 71 and 72 - my favs so far.

Kagome doing what she does best, even as a child, putting herself in harms way to save other's lives.

Bokusenou is one of my favorite characters and I remember reading a story where the author actually gave him a backstory.  It was interesting and creative.  I wish I can remember the name of the story.

Thanks for the speed updating and I hope you do it again this story.  :)



Katelin (Chapter 72) - Wed 20 Feb 2019

Love the slew of updates and I want more. I love it!

R (Chapter 70) - Wed 20 Feb 2019

You’re our hero! What an awesome series of updates. Feeling spoiled. Such a painful set of chapters though - such a trauma at one another’s hands can’t help but shift all the goodness of childhood into a swiftly acquired emotional adulthood that neither could be ready to understand fully yet. Poor Toga is torn in so many directions...looking forward to the next arc. Thanks for taking such care and effort on this. We’re all so appreciative!

SabraJane (Chapter 72) - Wed 20 Feb 2019

Way to go on getting all those new chapters out there - what a champ!

I'm in love with the story you have started laying out, and I eagerly await your next postings for this story

Welcome back!

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