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Nyuka (Chapter 12) - Tue 05 Feb 2013

Oh I so NEW little too little to late Kagome

I love how you made Hiten and Montan the leaders of the electric gym...that is so awesome...and it make so much since props.  ^-^

Kaitlyn (Chapter 12) - Sat 22 Dec 2012

Oh, geez this is so intense! And each chapter reads just like an episode of pokemon, this is a really good adaption! Good job and I can't wait for more! :D

dianne (Chapter 12) - Fri 21 Dec 2012

Damn it Naraku! You just had to attack when things were getting good! XD

So glad you updated! This was a great chapter. :D

Nyuka (Chapter 11) - Mon 30 Jul 2012

Ya know I have to hand it to you, even in the Poke world you portrayed Sango's personality splendidly (exsept maybe the gym she is in charge of... I would think it would be that ninja gym...what was it they had as their pokemon?  Tangala?  Jinx?),  In the show when Sango was acturlly willing to hurt (kill) Rin in order to save her brother I thought that her quest had taken over her....but then again Sango had always been a bit hard, hard headed, high strung.  I guess this situation kind of remindes me of that... obviously a bad idea (I'm still supprized Sesshoumaru did kill Sango in the show for her attempt at Rins life) but she follows through to get her brother back (it wont even secure her brother's fate)  I wonder what the police will say to them after all this blows over and they mess up (because they will [at least in getting her brother back I can feel it]).  Anywho Thanks for updating ^-^ y



Aoi (Chapter 11) - Mon 23 Jul 2012

Hi! I love this story. I think the theme is interesting. But I just have a question. Why does everytime Kagome calls home, Sesshoumaru is with her. But when it's time for Sesshoumaru to call his home, Kagome leaves? It just boggles the mind. :P Doesn't Kagome want to see Inuyasha too? Sure. Izayoi and Sesshoumaru have issues. But still. .  .

Saraniya (Chapter 11) - Sun 22 Jul 2012

I don't like Sango that much in this fic but hopefully I'll learn to like her as the story goes on... I thoroughly enjoyed the tiny cute scene between Sesshoumaru and Kagome though :)

Nyuka (Chapter 10) - Wed 18 Jul 2012

love love love lala love lala love ^-^ gota love it XD  The Train, the S.S. Anne so very much like long gone memories.  I wander however what the two will do against electric pokemon...they don't exactly have a type advantage what with water, bird, rodents and such types ^-^  but they should be fine at working together no?

dianne (Chapter 10) - Thu 28 Jun 2012

Oh poor Miroku. I feel really bad for him but at the same time I'm happy that Sango didnt give into him so easily. :)

I hope we get to see some sessh/kag fluff next! ;)

Cant wait for more!

Saraniya (Chapter 10) - Wed 27 Jun 2012

On one hand I'm happy about the fuzzy moments between Sesshoumaru and Kagome but I feel so sad for Miroku and Sango. 

Nyuka (Chapter 9) - Fri 22 Jun 2012

So cocky but oh so Sesshomaru ^-^... My mind wanders back to Sango and Miroku how ever... I can't help but wonder at what exactly had had done to make her hate him this this universe ^-^  hehehe


Saraniya (Chapter 9) - Tue 19 Jun 2012

Cute!!!!! I just love teenage romance minus the angst and drama:P

dianne (Chapter 9) - Wed 13 Jun 2012

XDD, LOL I frekin' love all the gloating sesshomaru does! <3

I cant wait to see what happens next, update soon!

dianne (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 May 2012

I absolutly love all the back stories you come up with for this story! they are super interesting and don't distract from the main plot.

I can't wait to see what happens next

Nyuka (Chapter 8) - Tue 29 May 2012

Leave it to Sesshomaru to use reverse psychology on the poor boy, lol.


BWT I love the reference you use about the gave and the zubats...hehe I hate caves...and even though I know about them If I want to level my Pokemon It's more fortuitous to defeat them all then to use repel...doesn't mean I have to like it ^-^'



Nyuka (Chapter 7) - Mon 14 May 2012

This I really well done I do commend you...once upon a time I was as addicted to Pokemon as I still am to Inuyasha ^-^'  


I played the card game, video game, watched the show, a few collectables...etc


anywho I would like to say that this is a wonderful blend of both the show and the video games with a flare of being Inuyasha themed....I am truly enjoing this and geting really nestalgic...


Can't wait to see how you make the story evolve. ^-^



dianne (Chapter 7) - Sat 12 May 2012

OMG, This chapter has been teasing me from my inbox all day. I've been dying to read it but couldnt because im being buried alive in school work, but i finally finished!!! :D Yay me!

This chapter was so cute! I loved how flirty miroku was with kagome and how sesshomaru got really jelous. haha! Though he almost made me cry when he was being a jerk, but I'm happy that he finally decided to give their relationship a chance. ^.^

You are really good at creating angst in your stories! I wasnt kidding about the almost crying part!

Midgette (Chapter 7) - Fri 11 May 2012



So from the moment I read the summary, I was so excited! I'd been thinking, I should totally write an Inuyasha/Pokemon crossover. And I've enver come across one before. So I'm really happy to have stumbled upon your fic :)

It's really well written, I'm really loving it. I hope you continue regularly :)





Saraniya (Chapter 7) - Fri 11 May 2012

Awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cuuuute! I can't believe that they got together so quickly!!!! Now it makes me wonder what kind of trouble the two are going to get into, nothing is ever that simple with you:)

Saraniya (Chapter 6) - Sat 28 Apr 2012

I fall deeper and deeper in love with this series as the chapters keep coming! What does this tell you about the state of my love life  lol :) Awesome chapter!

dianne (Chapter 6) - Thu 26 Apr 2012

oh, that moor mankey! I loved how kagome chwed that guy out at the pokecenter ^.^

And hopefully that mankey is exactly what kagome needs to defeat miroku. 

I'm crossing my fingers! :D

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