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Aoi-Kaji (Chapter 7) - Sat 31 Dec 2011

Haha! Sesshoumaru , the perverted Lord of the Western lands! c: is what he should be called d= this is my favorite oneshot as fair as short and simple go with these two d=

BirdHummingAlong (Chapter 3) - Sun 04 Dec 2011

Oh my, this chapter is hilarious!

lesser.portrayed (Chapter 1) - Tue 24 Aug 2010

Gah! It's too fluffy! Forthright, you're killing me!

lesser.portrayed (Chapter 7) - Tue 24 Aug 2010

I love it so much! Poor Sesshoumaru, losing his dignity like that! At least he did it "gloriously"...

C.Nichole (Chapter 7) - Tue 24 Aug 2010

Absolutely, fantastically hilarious! I am always amazed at how much story you can pack into such compact places! Loved it! Every word, second- totally brilliant!

DP (Chapter 7) - Mon 23 Aug 2010

Oh dear, I can't breath. LOL!

bright anarchy (Chapter 7) - Mon 23 Aug 2010

This doesn't make much sense.  Usually love your writing but though I read this three, four times it still was confusing and unclear.

Wolfye P (Chapter 7) - Mon 23 Aug 2010

rofl  i tried so hard not to laugh out loud at work.  glorious piece!

knifethrower (Chapter 7) - Mon 23 Aug 2010

Damn.  I wish I still had what it takes to give a guy a nosebleed.  These days, the only way I'm gonna achieve that is a right cross or a headbutt!  Way to go, kagome...

Rowdys girl (Chapter 6) - Fri 19 Mar 2010

What a delight, I haven't read most of these. Such a lovely day to find such a lovely treasure!

EAConwell (Chapter 1) - Tue 29 Sep 2009
awwwww XD

malom (Chapter 6) - Thu 17 Sep 2009
"At every turn, he confronted her, confounded her, and courted her in his own contrary way." I just looooooove the alliteration! Lovely, truly lovely.

Snowfall (Chapter 6) - Thu 17 Sep 2009
Oh what fun! I loved the one with Kagome flying with Sesshoumaru. I'm glad you have other things going now that Impeccable is almost done. Hm, I haven't checked on Imperceptible in awhile. Okies, off to see Impeccable! ^_^

sesshou's gurl (Chapter 5) - Tue 28 Jul 2009
I like this story. Update soon k?

Breezy (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Jul 2009
This was really beautiful. Sesshoumaru is portrayed so well especially in that first paragraph. Well done.

knifethrower (Chapter 5) - Sat 17 Jan 2009

All right, I give in.  I haven't gone and read the Kagome is the principal, Inuyasha is the janitor story, but I love your writing so much, I've gotta do it.

knifethrower (Chapter 4) - Sat 17 Jan 2009

I can just picture this.  Great imagery.

knifethrower (Chapter 3) - Sat 17 Jan 2009

I love it!

knifethrower (Chapter 2) - Sat 17 Jan 2009

I can't stand it!  It's like that one, tiny, really excellent piece of chocolate!  I want a one-pound candy bar just like it!

knifethrower (Chapter 1) - Sat 17 Jan 2009

Aw, that's cute and sweet, and really well-written.  Your the best.

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