Reviews for Bunneh!!! by Walter205

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Mon 01 Oct 2012

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 14) - Sat 05 May 2012

Great chapter, please update soon.

RubyJeweler (Chapter 13) - Sat 31 Mar 2012

Whoa. Sesshomaru sure do have tricks up his sleeve. He's probably a ladykiller. Lol. Naraku is back, eh? Interesting. Thank you for updating. ( ;

Venita (Chapter 13) - Sat 31 Mar 2012

Love the story, please update soon.

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 12) - Fri 30 Mar 2012

That's an... Interesting power. Useful... but apparently has uncomfortable side effects for the caster. ;) Lucky Kagome though. ^_^

Thanks for writing!

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 13) - Fri 30 Mar 2012

You know... I'd feel sorry for those foolish students... but I have no pity for those foolish enough to 'play' with rituals. Especially evil ones.  Although it's almost too bad there's no one but Naraku to tell their tale.

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous (Chapter 11) - Fri 16 Mar 2012

Oh my! Earlier, when I read that Sesshomaru thought he had a fantasy of her(and he was living that fantasy to the fullest lol), my thoughts were,"OMG!>.<" Now, that Sesshomaru has finally found out that Kagome is real, I can't wait but anticipate the next chapter. Haha. I love it when he apologized for his "violations" upon her. LOL. Can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the update.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 9) - Thu 15 Mar 2012

ZOMG!!!!  He IS bonkers!!  Stark, raving bonkers.  Poor Kags... well... maybe not really.  But I'll be SHE'S thinking she's in quite the pickle.  I can hardly wait to see where you take it from here, although I will try to be patient.  I realize that others have things known as LIVES, and can't write 24/7, so I'll try not to bug you horribly.  This is terrific, though... attacked by a bear and now getting felt up by a nutty Taiyoukai!  Some girls have ALL the luck, eh?



RubyJeweler (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Mar 2012

Whoa, I cannot believe they actually did all that just for Jaken's sperm. Lol. It was silly, but hilariously funny in it's own unique way. I sure hope that the Oracle isn't wrong. Wouldn't want Kagome to drink that for nothing.Haha.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 6) - Mon 12 Mar 2012

Oh so GROSS... but so darn FUNNY.... still... EWWWW is right!!  Thank you, Walter, for continuing this little tale - I can't wait to see what your clever brain has in store for our poor miko next!



RubyJeweler (Chapter 3) - Thu 08 Mar 2012

Hahahahahhaah...! This story is very amusing. I cannot believe that Kagome will have to swallow Jaken's "essence" later. Lol. Please continue to update.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 3) - Thu 08 Mar 2012

Oh, dear GAWD, Walter, if you don't finish this one, I'm gonna personally drive all over Fla, or wherever you are now, and hunt you down!!!!!!!  Diabolically written, sucking us in with the Demon Lord's movie escapades and then the "Jaken affair."  ZOMG.  O.o


Srsly, you MUST FINISH THIS FIC... please?  Pretty Please???



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