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333Tenshi (Chapter 35) - Fri 14 Aug 2020

This was interesting and I wish there was more

333Tenshi (Chapter 35) - Fri 13 Apr 2018

I have really enjoyed reading this but I wish there was more. I think I could read this story again.

333Tenshi (Chapter 20) - Thu 12 Apr 2018

Why didn't Sesshomaru bring Miroku back with Tenseiga?

ponpiri (Chapter 24) - Sun 14 May 2017

I'm really enjoying this story so far, but these Tokugawa chapters are a bit much. I highly doubt that Sesshoumaru is that much in love to be lead by Kagome, especially since she knows far less than he does with her lack of memory of the future. Your version of Kagome is pretty nice. No tears, no draining emotional outbursts and she has manners, for the most part. I'm not buying the Xena warrior princess mixed with Sesshoumaru's persona slant you gave her.

He may as well not even be in the story since everything he is/was, you gave to her.

Himawari (Chapter 35) - Tue 17 Jan 2017

omg... i'm so sad that there isnt more to this story yet!!! lol. you ended it on a lemon! a cliffy lemon! nooo! i hope you continue this eventually. this is the first time i've read a fanfic where kagome is like this!!

Tasha (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 Oct 2014

Don't mean to sound rude or anything but there is a small and I mean small mistake near the end of chapter 1. You accidetally put an s in place of an a in Kagome's name.

Hopeless Romantic (Chapter 35) - Sat 18 Aug 2012

wow that was an epic tale to read.

great job

laenfante (Chapter 35) - Thu 02 Aug 2012

I still love this story.


lashon (Chapter 35) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

I really like kagome being all bad & ruled by instinct! it works really well on her, i love this story! it was really good! Im glad sango didnt end up being lonely

Nyuka (Chapter 35) - Wed 13 Jun 2012

What a great story, I think I prefered Ark one...mostly because it stayed with the plot more, the random scenes from else where while entertaining made me loose focus in the second Ark.  Over all I loved the story and I'm glad I got the opertunity to read it.  You mention a third Ark to the saga, I look forward to more pleasing works of Dokuga literature by you.  Thankyou



JeniNeji (Chapter 23) - Mon 05 Mar 2012

LOL! He hid it for nothing! :D


I like how they are getting along :)

JeniNeji (Chapter 22) - Sun 04 Mar 2012

Tokugawa... hn. Kikyo... hn. I wonder what will happen with them...

JeniNeji (Chapter 21) - Sun 04 Mar 2012

>_> Sorry for taking so long to read. :sighs: I should be back here now :)

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 34) - Tue 28 Feb 2012

Did I forget to mention that this was my favorite chapter so far? Now Inuyasha gets to experience what Kagome when she was cursed. Nice. It looks like Susanoo has forsaken him...maybe. I can always read and re-read this awesome chapter.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 35) - Mon 27 Feb 2012

ALRIGHT! Finally some pups for Kagome. I love it. More please.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 35) - Mon 27 Feb 2012

:3 i rather like this it's brutal but it's perfect!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 34) - Mon 27 Feb 2012

*chuckles madly* this is spectacular! love it!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 33) - Mon 27 Feb 2012

0o0o0o0o0o yanno, with the info in this chapter, you could have it so that demons (once the time comes that they go into seclusion) start stealing human children with any miko/monk/priest power, to help keep the demon population strong, and pure. a new race of "human demon" raised along side demon kind so that they are no different in the end. It could be a way to always have fresh blood, and a way for them all to fall into "myth and lore" @_@ that could be while kagome's never heard of any REAL miko before in her time.

Demons could be waiting at hospitals for their births, and eventually claim that the child died in birth, so that the human family doesnt even have reason to look for them. some illusions for maybe a week or so, and none are ever the wiser. @_@ *wiggles update bribery c0okies at you MORE!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 34) - Mon 27 Feb 2012

AWESOME!! *claps with glee* DING DONG, THE BITCH IS FINALLY DEAD! YAY! I wonder what punishment Tsukuyomi has in store for the unfortunate hanyou. I have a feeling that temple is in the Moon Kami's hands now. Some Kami Susanoo is. He didn't give his 'son' not even an inkling of his power. I can't wait to read more.

Jenineji (Chapter 20) - Mon 27 Feb 2012



On another is it that I can't never reach the end?! Am I that slow of a reader?

:kicks the ground:

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