Reviews for One Week by Reira

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 7) - Thu 29 May 2014

Wish we had more though!

cassandra (Chapter 7) - Tue 06 Nov 2012

I loved this story! It's just too bad it had to end.

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 7) - Tue 06 Nov 2012

That was wonderful! Very pleasing and very indepth emotionally. I like how Kagome made the move, after getting over her innitial shock. With a little help from a too convienient grocery store run-in with inu-papa.

Thanks so much for writing!

ponygirl (Chapter 6) - Mon 25 Jun 2012

Wonderful new chapter. Thank you so much this is a great story. I can't wait for more!

Kar (Chapter 6) - Mon 25 Jun 2012

ssssssssoooooooo the last chaoter please? lol


Tessitura (Chapter 6) - Mon 25 Jun 2012

I'm a little lost.  It seemed as you were alouding she was miko all this time.

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 6) - Mon 25 Jun 2012

Well THAT'S a huge reveal in a story that's supposed to be only seven chapters long!

Thanks so much for writing!

amy (Chapter 4) - Sun 11 Mar 2012

Wonderful chappie, more, more...

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 4) - Sat 10 Mar 2012

Rogue... perhaps you meant Rouge? Rouge for red, not rogue like a thief?

Loved the chapter. Poor Sesshomaru. Is it me... or was the red ribbon from him to what Kagome kept coming back because she wished it was with him she was going?

Thanks so much for writing.

Brittany (Chapter 4) - Sat 10 Mar 2012

Update! I love how much he likes her but keeps denying it. And now that he has seen her with someone else its cute.

Bird That Flies At Dawn (Chapter 4) - Sat 10 Mar 2012

Aw, the end was so cute! I loved this chapter. XD

Kar (Chapter 2) - Tue 21 Feb 2012

crap, you broke me. i was gonna save shemy reviews till the very end but that was just tooo funny lol accept it or her heart will break, rotflmfao, im never gonna be able to get up in the morning for school bcus i cant stop reading that one part over and over again hilarious !!!! maybe i will get to the rest of ur story b4 3 in the morning lol


amy (Chapter 3) - Tue 14 Feb 2012

Keep up the good work, I can't wait tosee how it ends!

Bird That Flies At Dawn (Chapter 3) - Sun 12 Feb 2012

Aw! This chapter was soooo cute. I love Rin and I can see this fic is developing very nicely.

KT (Chapter 2) - Sun 12 Feb 2012

This was a really cute chapter! I knew Sesshoumaru was just a big softie XD And Sesshoumaru was really nice to have bought it for Kagome! =) I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Bird That Flies At Dawn (Chapter 2) - Sun 12 Feb 2012

Wow. I usually hate alternate universe stories, but I actually find your's enjoyable. It's very interesting.

Tilayha (Chapter 1) - Fri 10 Feb 2012

Added this story to my favorites list!!


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