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sr (Chapter 3) - Sun 04 Mar 2018

i enjoyed your story

Sleepy Space Bby (Chapter 3) - Sun 21 Aug 2016

As someone that delves into this flavour of pleasure, I was surprised to see it done so well. You truly have a gift.

Akiara Taisho (Chapter 3) - Sat 16 Jul 2016

Sweet goddess above WOW

consuelo marquez (Chapter 3) - Fri 11 Jul 2014

i've been seeing this fic on the site for about a year or so and i never read it because the summary made the fic seem so cliche and so i never did read it....UNTIL NOW!  this is one of the best stories i have ever read on here and (although doesn't really compare to the content on dokuga) everything is amazing and real. the emotions were natural and human and never seemed forced. i was always mentally preparing myself for a sad/tragedy ending, but im so glad sesshoumaru came to accept everything. once again, i love this story...and many of your other things

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 3) - Wed 24 Jul 2013

Not my cup of tea but I gave it a shot and it was pretty good.
Thank you for the warnings though :p

Jittai (Chapter 3) - Sat 06 Oct 2012

I'm usually not into this kind of thing and do not enjoy reading kinky stories at all, but I want to marry all of yours, seriously. Chapeaux, Madam!

Selazul (Chapter 2) - Mon 19 Mar 2012

This I could see.. Sesh definitely fits the persona of a sadist.. Though a proud one.  I always love reading about how Kagome slips away for hours at a time and no one notices... Apparently they slack at guarding their camp ;)

Knight of Disorder (Chapter 3) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

Truly a great story. Your use of the canon events was amazing. 'Mumbles something about people who can remember all that crap.' I have thought about this and started a story some time ago that used it but pushed it off because it became rather boring. Well anyway, good job.

ChaoticL (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Jan 2012

This is the third story i've read by you, and i'm absolutely enthralled by your writing and creativity- not in a creepy, bad way; more in a complementive way. :)
Although in the stories i've read there have been a couple typo's and such, overall great writing and stories. 

1CarinoInu (Chapter 3) - Sat 31 Dec 2011

Loved it.  Every deliciously twisted moment of it.  And you managed to convey the entire thing very tastefully.  Fantastic job.

randomfan17 (Chapter 3) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

I loved it!! Very kinky and romantic with all the drama going on around them. Their a weirdly perfect couple that i will adore now forever!

Rachael (Chapter 3) - Sun 20 Nov 2011

It wasn't awkward at tall, I thought it was amazingl well-written and I rather enjoy it when it isn't overly detailed and smattered with cheesy euhemisms for genitals. A sex scene that doesn't leave you laughing or confused is a good one. 


Thankyou for the story, it was fun to read

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Nov 2011

Now I am not a fan of bleeding or hunch punch as you perfer to call it, but I did enjoy this story. I think it had more to do with how well you described the characters feelings about what they were experiencing that drew me in. Very nicely done :)


I'll be keeping an eye out for more stroies from you.

TKE (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Nov 2011

All I can say is WOW!!!

Ashley Brown (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Nov 2011

Wow. That kind of kink isn't to my taste, but I feel that you did very well, despite your hestitation. It was well written and explanative. Good job.

FayeMegan (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Nov 2011

I liked it!  It wasn't as... taboo?... for me as I thought it would be. It's kind of a new take on the cliche "mating mark" that comes with so many SessxKag stories, not that I don't like those. I really enjoyed the intamacy shared bewteen them without the actual intercorse at first, it really built a strong connection for them. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work with us.


Luna (Chapter 3) - Thu 17 Nov 2011


Oh. my. GAWD!!! That was so incredibly erotic, and so amazingly descriptive. I loved reading every bit of it, and I can't wait to see what else you have!

sugar0o (Chapter 3) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

gah i loved this! so dark and edgy! raRr!

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 3) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

I loved it!  Definitely GutterMarble material!  MWAH!

Allyonora (Chapter 3) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

Ooooow, I loved every minute of this! Nothing like a nice piece of kink to bright a lazy afternoon!

It was great to see Kagome teaching Sess to accept himself... I'm very happy that they end up together in the end.

Great work! =]

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