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alexis (Chapter 77) - Sat 31 Mar 2018

Still one of my Favorite stories on the sit, the way you  Petray kagome is amazing!! This is a story where you can laugh and cry because let’s be honest I did cry like a baby for it!! You are one of my favorite authors out there. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this story or your other ones but I’ve like heard them at least 40 times and I catch something different easy and everytime, I understand it a different way easy time. Thank you for giving us such amazing work!!  Your poetry excerpts I have read from the story are inspiring. please write something new soon!!!

Anonymous (Chapter 71) - Fri 23 Feb 2018

I sadly had to drop this very promising story because it just went to shit and couldn't recover. Kagomes responses are never convincing and her childish behaviour is very off putting. I don't like the very adult middle age woman vibe that she has going on, while simultaneously breaking down like a teenager and making decisions no one can relate to. Loved the first 50 chapters. As soon as the romance started it lost the fun and banter and just got depressing. Needs a rework because it's just not fathomable to waste so many good chapters for such a forced romance/angst/drama.

Catclass (Chapter 77) - Sun 12 Feb 2017

This is the second time I've read this particular story and I still enjoy it whole heartedly. I have been in quite the writer's/ artist's block for quite some time now and your story has inspired me to try again. Thank you. 


purplerose97 (Chapter 77) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

Excellent story and one that had me on the edge of my seat while reading the last 20 or so chapters waiting for the two idiots to get back together, dispute that it was one of the best romance stories I have ever read for the sess/kag parring.

Inuaddict (Chapter 59) - Sun 14 Feb 2016

GOD BLESS INUYASHA. I swear he is shouting all of the things I am feeling right now, I LOVE THIS STORY. I WILL PROBABLY CRY. I HAVE NOT HAD SLEEP cus i am binge reading the blazes out of this. YOU ARE AMAZING AS AN AUTHOR 

Inuaddict (Chapter 9) - Sun 14 Feb 2016

Is it bad that I am already crying and it is chaper 9? This is the most perfectest fic i have ever read. The chemistry is murdering me. I am a lone wolf and this is making me crave companionship. I hate it/ Love it . 


Blommie8 (Chapter 77) - Tue 29 Sep 2015

Inuyasha's Secret Stalker (Chapter 77) - Fri 21 Aug 2015

I just want to say, excuse the creepiness, I love you for bestowing me with this wonderful read! I'm sure my boyfriend is angry at me for ignoring him in favor of a day and a half of binge reading, but he will be okay. I truly love this story, it will be added to my favorites and read again and again. You have a new fan and I'm so excited for this adventure that is reading more of your stories. Thank you so very much! ????????????????

LadyFugue (Chapter 77) - Thu 06 Aug 2015

I just have to say that this is one of the few stories that I have read that has pulled me in so completely. Now I am off to look for more of your stories.

Samantha (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Jul 2015

I loved it! Great story. I really enjoyed the plot. The cherry on top was you are very talented as a writer. Your story was well thought out and developed well. I look forward to reading more of your stuff! THANKS!

Lex (Chapter 77) - Wed 24 Jun 2015

This was amazing! thank you so much for the incredible character work and time you must have put into this. I read it all in one night because I couldn't put it down and it is now six am. Amazing!!

Cathy (Chapter 53) - Tue 31 Mar 2015

I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this story. It is very well written. I enjoy the humor and everything else. It is tok bad that there is no lemon...sigh...oh well. Still one of my favorite stories. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous (Chapter 77) - Thu 08 Jan 2015

I really liked this story, it has a every day depth to it that most of the other stories don't. Most of the other stories are great details of the romance and the fighting, but this one has that as well as everything in between without any of it being fillers.

Anonymous (Chapter 77) - Wed 12 Nov 2014

There are no words to to properly convey how much I enjoyed your story. It was well written and was very, very enriching. I actually had a small epiphany in the character development of Kagome. This will most definitely be a fic I will reread in the future. 


Thank you for the amazing adventure.


DeathDagger (Chapter 77) - Wed 24 Sep 2014

Awww...I'm glad they were happy. Sad we didnt get to see them actually be together but a lovely story non the less.


DeathDagger (Chapter 59) - Wed 24 Sep 2014

He cut her up!!!! I'm so glad someone did! 

DeathDagger (Chapter 51) - Wed 24 Sep 2014

Your story has kept me up ALLL NIGHT!! Lol. I can't believe that's her answer! To move out??? She'll be miserable in a day! Ugh! Frustrating woman!

Rara (Chapter 77) - Wed 03 Sep 2014

Hahahahaha! This entire story was great! I loved it!

AmoraLynn (Chapter 77) - Fri 01 Aug 2014

I'm very sorry to see it end, but it was a lovely ride. Thank you so much for this wonderful story. 

tara (Chapter 77) - Tue 29 Jul 2014

You are amazing! you amaze me. I loved your writing truly, you drew me into a world i believed in. Thank you!


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