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Tsuki Ai (Chapter 7) - Tue 09 Apr 2013

I've actually seen the movie you based this off of so when you mentioned it I was expecting it to be closer to the movie. I am very glad it's almost nothing like the movie. So I'm very interested in all the twists and changes that you've put in your story. I have to say you are one of my favorite authors- fanfiction or otherwise- so I'm ecstatic that you are a novel writer. I can't wait until the next chapter.

randomfan17 (Chapter 7) - Fri 15 Mar 2013

I don't think it was boring, and you were still preggers the last time you updated so i understand the wait, worth it too. But is this the end? It feels like one, it's not like she can ceremony stalk him from branch to branch for the rest of her life. And that didn't look like mating so i don't know what's up. Can't wait to see what happens though.

Delcena (Chapter 7) - Fri 15 Mar 2013

I was so enthralled by this story, that I was upset when it ran out of chapters

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 1) - Fri 15 Mar 2013

I absolutely love this fanfic. As you've said you have been super busy with your career writting (congrats and goodluck by the way!!!) so i would like to thank you very much for taking your time to update this fic!!!!  & no the lemmon was'nt awful. :)

Loveyaa (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Mar 2013

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Such a unique and kinda weird relationship. They have stolen moments together, and yet are so close. I wonder if they will let Kagome keep the baby, or what happens if she doesn't get pregnant? Will they bring him back then? And what will become of Kikyo. Im so glad you came back, but there is still so much before our happy ending. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

spexchik (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Mar 2013

Great update, great lemon.  Very angtsy, I feel so bad for Kikyo and Sesshoumaru.  Can't wait to find out what happens next, please update soon!

kagomesirene (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Mar 2013

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.....happy update....although i have to say that i ask myself what might have happened to all of sesshoumarus children...i have to admit that i kinda forgot some details of this story-----sorry ------ i think i might have to re-read it again.... X3 would be great if kagome could delude her family into believing that she will do whatever they want from her...and from her baby.....and then she's going to kick their a**** XD

maybe she would be able to get sesshoumarus children on her side to free him as well XD   ....i do wonder...are they're going to let kikyou out of her prison, now that seemingly her role in this game is over ( with sesshoumaru moving to another branch of the family)?


aaaaaaaaaaargh....please update soon XD



Brittany (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Mar 2013

So excited to see this update. I had a feeling when I started reading this it was about getting him to breed. I gope you update soon, I really do want to know what happens next.

VoraciousReader (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Mar 2013

 This is compelling! and so angsty! And finally an update after so long...You should be crowned as THE Queen of Dokugan suspense! I love this fic and heres to hoping for a speedy update!



Luna C. (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

I'm loving this story so far, it is very mysterious and the circumstances surrounding that particular ritual is haunting. This chapter was like wow, to have Sesshomaru imprisoned just to breed is astonishing, I wonder what happened that made him enslaved in the Higurashi clan. And those children, I wonder what happens to them after they are born and how do they benefit the clan. And the situation with Kikyo, how is her blood makng him manifest? Is it because she's twins with Kagome? So many questions, but I'm sure in the upcoming chapters, everything will be explained!

Great update, I can't wait for more. :)

Madam Fluffy (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

 Loved the lemon!!  What a great way to come back. I just hope Kikyou will be ok.

dianne (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

I dont know whether to cry or smile, so I think I will just sit here looking like a creeper while I do both.

And I dont know what you're talking about, that lemon was delicious! ;)

Hassanah (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

Sorry this stupid iPad spelt things a way I didn't want it too *grumble* I meantprofessor taishou  and happy note. Gosh

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

Poor Sesshomaru, I hope he and Kagome end up together. Please don't take months to update the next chapter, keep it coming.

Hassanah (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

Ahhhh!! Oh my god! This is SAD! But you know something thingI just keeps you compelled to read? Gosh I feel like crying! I really really hope Kagome finds a way to get him out of that crappy situation! I kind of thought this was the end? Loll but you're going to end on a happy mite...right!? *menacing look* joked..about the menacing look, not the happy ending! Lol anyways great story, iI'm sure you wrote that one about naraku invading proff tai shouts body? I think, sorry if I got that wrong. I loved that too but just had to stop reading it I was too scared that Naraku would take her virginity ! Anyways please update soon? See ya Chica

Alii (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

What would be God awful is if they do not end up together!?!? -.- Please update soon your lemonaid was good(;

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 7) - Wed 13 Mar 2013

~~It was not awful, it was lovely! I hope you update soon, it's almost heartbreaking to think that they'll have to seperate...I'm kind of hoping that won't be the Wishful thinking I guess haha

Sparkle (Chapter 6) - Thu 13 Dec 2012

This story is disturbing and creepy. I love it.

Madam Fluffy (Chapter 6) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

This is a great story I love the mystery of it keeps me on my toes. wyou are a wonderful author love your stories keep up the great work. thank you for wrighting

Maryssa (Chapter 6) - Mon 24 Sep 2012

wow this is good stuff so suspenciful keps you on the edge of ur seat keep them coming please

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