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Kahdejus (Chapter 14) - Mon 10 Nov 2014

What is this I hear about an epilogue. Lol can't wait to read it.(^.^)

Thoughtful confusion (Chapter 14) - Sun 09 Oct 2011

Wow, really interesting story! I liked it a lot. ^::^ What I really liked, (though it was a bit annoying at times)was that you wrote both character's point of view. It's not often I've seen that, and not in the way you've done it. 


Wolfye P (Chapter 14) - Sun 05 Sep 2010

what a wonderful ending.  i'm so glad it all worked out right.  great story; you have a gift in being able to show 2 different viewpoints concerning one situation.

Chi (Chapter 14) - Sat 04 Sep 2010

that was awesome and a great ending to the fic or at least i think so but then again i'ma little weird sooooooooooo,hn, whatever.yay mission read the fanfic until it's been completed, complete.

SilentlyFuming (Chapter 14) - Sat 04 Sep 2010

Really...?  It's over, just like that?!!  You need an epilogue, if only to ... idk, freak out the entire female body at the school after they get engaged or something


Oh, and I liked your writing style, I thought it was refreshing (though in this last chapter the cut off between POVs was unclear, I think the divider didn't show up)

raindancer13 (Chapter 13) - Wed 11 Aug 2010

It's a wonderful story. :) But why does the spelling of Katy keep changing. Goes from K-A-T-Y to K-A-T-I-E...

Wolfye P (Chapter 13) - Thu 05 Aug 2010

hot damn!  we finally get over the first hurdle!  go guys!!!  loved the tension, and now i wanna go see the movie too.  lol  job well done in this one.

Banana (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Aug 2010

i was bored at work and thought i need to read a good fic


well good golly did you deliver! Thank you! can't wait for more!!! =D

Yohko (Chapter 13) - Thu 05 Aug 2010

Great story! I'm glad I started reading it. I like the pace of their relationship. I especially love the lastest chapter. Keep it up! :D

Wolfye P (Chapter 12) - Fri 23 Jul 2010

i'm so glad i stumbled across this gem!  such artistry in your words, the way you twist them such that they flow so naturally and with such building angst.  i can't wait to read more!

Hesunohana (Chapter 12) - Thu 22 Jul 2010

beautiful fiction ! really !

Chi (Chapter 12) - Thu 22 Jul 2010

yay, i'm so happy, an's been a while please continue this story

Chi (Chapter 11) - Tue 15 Jun 2010

i'm sorry to say but i can't imagine sesshomaru being a mr.sunshine type of person, although i have tried. thank you for updating and please do so again.

SilentlyFuming (Chapter 11) - Tue 15 Jun 2010

X3  *^_^* :) 

If you can't tell, I'm happy today~!  I'm graduating today, and your update has put me in a good mood, I really do hope another one will be comming soon~!

Chi (Chapter 10) - Fri 19 Mar 2010

great story please keep writing

knifethrower (Chapter 10) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

They're getting closer!  You are taking a disciplined approach, and drawing out the anticipation of my favorite couple getting together.  And I'm loving every minute of it!  Well, not quite EVERY minute.  There is one little issue I'm having.  Though I adore this story, I think the two point of views you are writing from are just too similar to eachother.  I think the story would be more enjoyable you either alternated points of view, or found a way to make Kagome's and Sesshy's points of view less similar.  But everything else about the story is excellent!  I can't wait for more... 

1CarinoInu (Chapter 10) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

Aww, so sweet!  

Mistress-of-PinkyFluff (Chapter 10) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

A KISS! YAY! I'd say that it was pretty expected for something to happen when he took her to his flat. I mean nowdays 'do you want to come to mine' translates as 'let's get it on!'

Now only Kags needs to sort herself out cuz it looks like Sesshy wants her pretty much!

btw I wonder what her friend will say that she didn't sleep in her dorm!


kazenokoi (Chapter 4) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

I really like this story- it's a unique idea. My only beef is that I wish (at least to the point I've read) you would combine Sesshoumaru and Kagome's point of view. Sometimes it feels like I'm reading the same chapter twice. I know it's hard to get used to blending two character's views at the same time- it's something I struggle with as well.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you try my suggestion- I'd love to see it! Thank you! :)

stars (Chapter 9) - Tue 26 Jan 2010

please updata

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