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Gracie (Chapter 1) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

What a wonderful start. What a wonderful story. I wanted to review every chapter for you because this story deserves it. I hope you keep writing and I'll keep reading because you're a fantastic author. I've read so many of your stories (this and convivial are my favorites!) and have you ever considered writing something original and publishing it?

I just think its a great story with interesting and developed characters, and I admire you for being such an intelligent person to create it!

Good luck in writing and in life, and thanks for the story and wisdom you've put in it!


Gracie (Chapter 2) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Now that they know about her, they want her in the troupe. Its great that they live so close together, imagine the problems if she didn't go to the same school!

Gracie (Chapter 3) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Ahh, the beginning of a wonderful story together. Meeting people, getting it started. What a story already!

Gracie (Chapter 4) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

I love the progression of their friendship. It's so fluid, and realistic.

Gracie (Chapter 5) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

I like that Kagome looks at Sesshomaru so clearly. She doesn't ignore his disability, but she doesn't think any less of him either.

Gracie (Chapter 6) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

I can understand the whole routine learning because I have to do that with ballet but wow. Hearing it describes just highlights the best and worst parts of learning!

Gracie (Chapter 7) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

I love reading about their burns. It feels so alive to me, and you paint such a vibrant picture that it makes me feel like I'm there, seeing it. I might just take up burning if I ever get the chance!

Gracie (Chapter 8) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Omg their hair. Their hair! IT's white!

Gracie (Chapter 9) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Can I say perfect? I like that Kagome's never been kissed, it's sweet and gives her an air of innocence that she seems to have. I wish my first kiss was like that! And you mentioned it was your birthday soon in the author's note, and I know I'm reading this several years late, but happy birthday! When ever it may be :)

Gracie (Chapter 10) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Izayoi is so nice, and she gives Kagome such a blessing its hard for me to believe. It's fiction, so it's fine, I just can't read this chapter without being mind blown!

Gracie (Chapter 11) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

AHH tattoos! I adored the idea of Sesshomaru's tattoo, and Kagome's was rather fitting. Wow though, the idea of getting a tattoo while I am drunk is crazy to me, but I'm happy that they wanted to do it/ were okay with it in the morning!


Gracie (Chapter 12) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Loved, loved, loved this chapter. It was super hot and super sexy. Everything about them as a couple is perfect. Thanks soo much! (also ps its so cute that she says thank you!)

Gracie (Chapter 13) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Love the girl talk with Sango. I love stories where they're friends and they can talk so freely with eachother. And wow, still loving your writing style!

Gracie (Chapter 14) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

This fight with her mother is so sad. I understand it's necessary, but it breaKS my heart.

Gracie (Chapter 15) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

I feel like for me, I couldn't accept that kind of generosity, but it's so interesting how kagome deals with it. She definitely needs it, and iyazo  is so nice

Gracie (Chapter 16) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

The smut was great, really great. I realized they weren't using a condom and I just u g h. It's them but wow, my relationship sensibilities couldn't let me be okay with no protection the first time! 

Gracie (Chapter 17) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

I guess I'll work backwards and leave reviews from the last chapter to the first but you just deserve more reviews for this story. It's great that inuyasha at least thought about protection.

Gracie (Chapter 18) - Wed 26 Nov 2014

Wow I love this story so much! It's wonderfully written and has such a compelling plot! I love it, and thanks for writing at least this much, but wow I wish there was more.

Yohko (Chapter 18) - Thu 07 Jun 2012

Really nice story! I liked how Kag and Sess' relationship progressed. I'm looking forward to the chapter when Sess finally reveals his 'departure'.

insomniac_amy (Chapter 18) - Wed 18 Apr 2012

I like how he is being so sweet and caring with her and not shrugging off his responsibility. It's great to see him step up.  I like how he is starting to subtly be confused by his feelings for her. It seems like he is torn between wanting to stay with her after their punishment is up and wanting to let her go.  He keeps saying that she would never fit into his world and I have to wonder, is it because he is worried more about appearances or is he worried more about her? I think right now it's probably the former, but I'm sure as time goes on that will change.

Well done as always and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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