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Didie (Chapter 2) - Fri 24 Apr 2015

I had already read this story for what? about 9th times maybe? And you had always succesfully made me cry everytime I was reread it!! Such a beautiful story with a bittersweet ending, unlike the others that intend to made they life sooooo long happily ever after.. It made me sad of course because I tend to choose the latter ending, but oh well yours is special! Just one thing that I would change from this story, that in the end Kagome would  end up gave Sesshoumaru twelve more children beside Inu-Takeshi instead of only two more...hohohoho... *devious smirk*


Can't wait for another chapter of 'Fang Master' and your promising 'Of Time Still Kept Frozen', I hope you'll make a clear happy ending for this one!


Please take your time! I know nurturing a baby takes a tool on someone body, do no pressure added!

DeathDagger (Chapter 13) - Mon 09 Mar 2015

I cried horribly! It was so sad

Paperwing (Chapter 13) - Tue 11 Jun 2013

So sweet. Wonderful story! And a good ending too.


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 13) - Sun 02 Jun 2013

This story was amazing and fantastic!

NightQueen (Chapter 13) - Sun 02 Jun 2013

Perfect ending! Sad, beautiful and full of Love!

A Friend (Chapter 13) - Sun 02 Jun 2013

I love this fic ... it's bitter sweet, but oh so good. You had me crying, not an easy feat to manage! Wonderfully written and a truely fitting sequel.

summerbirdy (Chapter 13) - Sun 02 Jun 2013

You... just made me cry. (and I can't even blame pregnancy hormones, with boy being 2 month old)

Thank you for your lovely story. It was definitely worth of waiting for and I'm happy to have been able to read it. 

Thank you.

Eve (Chapter 13) - Sun 02 Jun 2013

It's was a great story and it's very sad to see it end.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 12) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 11) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

Great chapter, keep it coming.

KyuubiPandoraChan (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Jun 2013

I feel so sad for Sesshoumaru. Really need to know what will happen to him next. T_T I have been enjoying this story. Thanks for making such a great one.

His Lady (Chapter 10) - Mon 20 May 2013

I am loving your story it took me all day to read, only cause I had to keep stopping. If you could I would love if you explained how Sesshomaru and Kagome ended up in the void and what transpired while they were inside and how long they were inside for. Also like I said wonderful story, love the whole idea of it, but there are little grammar mistakes nothing major or too noticeable really. But I'm just wondering if Kagome does manage to live for 500 years in the future what Sesshomaru will give Kikyo? If Kagome is able to live that long obviously she will be able to live for a longer just an idea. =D

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 10) - Sat 18 May 2013

It's been seven months and two weeks since you last update, l'm glad your back. Please update the next chapters soon and not in months, keep it coming. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

tanya griggs (Chapter 9) - Thu 31 Jan 2013

Please finish this!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 9) - Wed 03 Oct 2012

Keep it coming.

Haven (Chapter 8) - Thu 30 Aug 2012

I finally got around to reading the latest chapter. I love this story and can't wait to see what happens when future Sess' time is up. What will happen?  Need to know. Please update this soon.

KyuubiPandoraChan (Chapter 8) - Mon 23 Jul 2012

Please do continue. I only found this story and I'm liking it already.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 8) - Sat 21 Jul 2012

You have not updated in two months, I'm glad your back. This chapter is sweet, keep it coming.

Sparkle (Chapter 7) - Fri 08 Jun 2012

Okay when I got to the end of chapter 7 I was like "what what what". I was so surpised that it was over, for now anyway. I was just getting into it and now I have to wait for an update. It is very good so far. I really liked the first one and I am enjoying this one too.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Sat 12 May 2012

Keep it coming, please update soon.

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