Reviews for Lemon Wedges by Hairann

candace peaches (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 Nov 2017


Chanda (Chapter 1) - Mon 12 Dec 2011

I have just completed your four parts of MATES it was incredibile it is now 2:40 am.  and i couldn't put it down.  my husband even got mad at me for not speending time with him these past few days.   The whole story was so intense.  I laughed my ass off at parts and bawld at others.  I am terible at reving especialy if the story has swep me away the way your wrighting has.  Mates was the frist stories of yours I have raed and can't wait to reed the others.  (I can't spell and my gramer sucks, but I love to read.)  Thank you for your talent.  It is a beautiful distraction from the reality that is my life.  

I absolutly love InuYasha, and when I came across a fan made you-tube (a few years back) of Kagome and Sesshomaru I was hooked.

well thats all I realy should get some sleep.  thank you agin 



PS  I will try to reviw more offten  TTFN

Rose Haven (Chapter 1) - Sat 13 Aug 2011

Omg thats was amzing i mean the story and the side chapter lol. But i mean i read the whole three fics on InuYasha Fanfiction and well i really loved or rather love it. I agree that that is a great place to stop. Though i think it may be good to sytart a forth or to explain the fact of the last chapter with the letter because i know i am a bit confused about it.

Efrite (Chapter 1) - Tue 31 May 2011

Superbly written! Thank you for showing me where to read it..

cakeiton (Chapter 1) - Sat 28 May 2011

First off; very clever title. I don't know if it's ever been done before, but I've never seen it and I think it's great!

Second; I understand it is wedges from your own stories, but originally I thought the summary meant lemons from OTHER stories that didn't have the rating. Like, the ones where we wanted to see it (oh, you GM's you) but couldn't because of rating/what not. I think that would be a cool idea too, with author's permission of course. And, I think you are able to pull something like that off. Just a random idea that sparked from your summary.


Third; this was really sweet and I enjoyed it a lot! Can't wait for more wedges!

amy (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 May 2011

Wonderful chappie, more please!

TruGemini (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 May 2011

Beautiful lemon dear. Very loving and warm.

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