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Emma (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Jan 2016

Oh my gosh it so cute so far!! ^^

Its interesting on how you have Kagome already living in the feudal era in regards to starting out in. The way she encountered Sesshomaru was interesting and, even if by honor, he felt guilty to how he treated her. As well its cute on how you has Sesshomaru decide to tale her in as his ward. :) 

Plus the way you incorporated characters from Kagome's future, such as Hojo and the others as well as the relations to all the others charats as well :) 


I'm really enjoying this and I cannot wait for more! ^^ 


Plus, I'm wondering on how the story will go, such as, if/when Inu(Baka)yasha is going on to appear(and how funny it would be if he is introduced to Inushashta x) ) as well as how the news and leaving the village behind will go with Sango, Miroku, & Kaede as well as Souta, and Kohaku. When/if Shippo will appear and how they will end up encountering him, the Shikon jewel, and the main antagonist spider demon, Naraku as well as Kagura & Kanna. Oh, and if/when/how Koga will end up being introduced. :) 



InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 6) - Wed 18 Apr 2012

Awh that was sweet! Hope you write more, it's nicely done ^-^

AP (Chapter 6) - Sun 11 Sep 2011

pleeeease don't forget about this story! :)

ap (Chapter 6) - Sun 14 Aug 2011

COME BACKKKK! please :)

Rose Haven (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2011

Awwww this is sooo sweet but it makes me wonder how he will tell kagss that she is coming with him to his castle.... I really do wonder how you plan to do that

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 6) - Mon 20 Jun 2011

oh this is cute :3 though i wonder when he's going to realize it's more then pup and more like mate?

pinkslytherin (Chapter 6) - Sun 19 Jun 2011

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHAPTER! i love this story! i cant wait to see him being protective of her!!!

helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 6) - Sat 18 Jun 2011

aww...just loved Sesshomaru's interactions with Kagome...especially them dancing sweet!

how on earth is he gonna find a miko or monk who won't be spewing some kind of propaganda or something? sure he could kill them but that won't necessarily stop them from trying to influence Kagome.


really am wondering about how Kagome will react when she hears that Sesshomaru is going to have her live with him as part of his pack...hopefully he can persuade her so she'll come around to his thinking more she was already thinking she really only has her friends.



wc1334 (Chapter 6) - Sat 18 Jun 2011

this is absolutely adorableeee!! I really can't wait to see where you head with this and the development of their relationship :)

Itoe (Chapter 6) - Sat 18 Jun 2011

lol Sesshy dancing! kukuku :D

One thing: I would appreciate it, if you would not repeat yourself more than twice... I think, we all get it, that Sessho is a Taiyoukai... xD But I love the story and I am still very curious about Kagomes reaction for Sesshos plans... I mean... a child can not just forget its family, can it? ;D I will wait for the next chapter, which is hopefully soon...


Rose Haven (Chapter 5) - Fri 17 Jun 2011

Awww this is soo cute... A little OOC but still sessh is sweet it kinda makes me see Kags like Rin

Kar (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Jun 2011

this is a really BEAST, and i cant wait to see what you come up with next so please update soon, onegai

pinkslytherin (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Jun 2011

i am so happy he is slowly caring about her! thank you for the chapter!

Itoe (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Jun 2011

Ohhhh Sesshooo... so sweet... already possessive... :D kukukuku that is going to be interesting... try and take her away from her family... lol not that it would be any problem, but it is Kagomes family after all and she would make a big deal out of it xD lol

please, update soon!! ;D


helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Jun 2011

wow...hadn't even thought that he'd take her as his is she gonna be not happy with him!

so...she gonna meet a young kitsune orphan eventually? I mean would she be acting as a mother figure to Shippo in the future? might inspire Sesshomaru's instincts as to how motherly she is with youkai children.


wonder how they'll all deal with her getting her monthly...that'll be interesting. wonder who is gonna be her nanny...personally I bet Kagome would prefer Kaede but I doubt that'll happen.

SO there is precident of youkai taking mikos as lovers/mates/breeders or something to that effect? wonder what the children of those unions are like...would they be hanyou or something stronger or what.


anyway really interesting story.

wonder how Kagome is gonna explain her disappearing they'll be watching her a bit more closely.



sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 5) - Thu 16 Jun 2011

hahahahaha " i found this human. Can i keep her?" it's a total 180 on girl finding puppy!

hollythecat (Chapter 4) - Thu 02 Jun 2011

right more!

helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 4) - Thu 02 Jun 2011

oh boy...methinks he just made it worse.

wonder just what he'll do to make it all up to Kagome...and if she'll believe him.

methinks he'll also need to tell her about whatever he was slaughtering in the forest...forewarned is forearmed after all.


poor Kagome.

so...just how old in human biology would Sesshomaru be? late teens/early twenties?


btw, you hit the wrong number at one point in this says she was 20 not 10

[Not only was she powerful enough at the age of 20 years to bring a Taiyoukai back from the brink of death, but she was kind hearted and helped all who required it, even him.]


anyway totally enjoying this...and hopefully cranky pants will be more respectful...and actually apologize to her.



amy (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Jun 2011

Cute, he wants her as his ward,huh?  so be it , that couldn't hurt him!

Jay_chAn (Chapter 4) - Wed 01 Jun 2011

This has been so cute! I had tears coming to my eyes when Sesshoumaru insulted a 10 yr. old Kagome!

I can't wait for the next updates though to find out what's going to happen to Kagome and what her family and friends are going to do! And Sesshoumaru! Oh, the wait!

Great job!!!! XD =] ;)

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