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Kat (Chapter 1) - Tue 16 Oct 2018

Please finish I love this story!!!

Oyabun (Chapter 17) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

I really really liked it, at first. However, the idea of S and K falling in love with no lead in or build up except a few visions only K has isn't making any sense to me. Everything else is great, it's just the lack of any kind of relationship development that's getting to me. Good luck with your writing, you're quite good and I do like the premise of this piece.

Dryft (Chapter 78) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

love the story and hope all is well for you!

Dryft (Chapter 74) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

okay this chapter was really weird......everyone is basically related to one another distantly in some fashion and destined to be together and inu no Taisho has all that knowledge now? Ehhhhhhh. Still love the story though. I still want Ocraseous to find true love

Dryft (Chapter 64) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

I agree with this story Akin or Ocraseous would of been better for Kagome but this story has me hooked 

Dryft (Chapter 62) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

so Kagome almost instant recovers and teases him and giggles like nothing ever happened? Brave girl. At least she paused before running off to Kouga

Dryft (Chapter 61) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

it would take a lot more then that to get my forgiveness XD I don't get how Kagome can still save everyone every sigle time in every battle.....baffles my mind. You would think with a complete soul she would be even more powerful. And everyone she encounters falls in love with her...kind of sad she is unable to make a friend who doesn't want to end up dating her.

Dryft (Chapter 57) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

I cant blame Sesshomaru's feelings.....for the first person your starting to fall in love with falling for someone just makes one wonder if she could ever truly remain faithful until the next person kidnaps her for a few months time

Dryft (Chapter 54) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

omg my poor Ocraseous. This is so not fair for him!!

Dryft (Chapter 50) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

awww Ocraseous deserves love too and him in the kitchen is so freaking adorable. Beam me up to him!!

Dryft (Chapter 46) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

most reasonable sacrifice when everything is to be lost so easily.....should of asked him to defeat Naraku as well >.>

Dryft (Chapter 43) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

ugh Kagome you idiot. Why not explain further to Sesshomaru why get to Kouga to get the shards instead of being vague and insulting him by snubbing him....

Dryft (Chapter 21) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

Love the story but Kagome foresaw the illness killing her.....KILLING HER. stay in bed and rest you dumb butt!!! But indeed she is the type to disobey!

Dryft (Chapter 7) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

Sesshomaru regained his eyesight already? That was early in the story....It seems sesshomaru had a thing with Midoriko then she reincarnates into Kikyo and goes into the hands of Inuyasha and gets reincarnated into Kagome and she gets both? So Inuyasha who always sees Kikyo in Kagome....I wonder if Sesshomaru will always see Midoriko in Kagome. Poor girl can never get a break! Your writing style is amazing and I am enjoying the story so far!!

LadyFugue (Chapter 78) - Thu 28 Sep 2017

Hope all went well, this is still a good story.

AngelMomma101 (Chapter 78) - Mon 18 Sep 2017

This story had me completely entranced! Are you sure there wasn't a spell placed upon me to sneak away every chance I could to read this???? I am on the edgle of my seat ^_^


I hope you are alright and that the hurricane hasn't dampened your spirits (pun intended, just trying to make you smile in the face of adversit)

DevaG (Chapter 78) - Sun 17 Sep 2017

First, let me start off by saying that I hope you're ok!!! Please be safe. Second, the story is progressing wonderfully for me. I can't wait for the next up.


Jean (Chapter 78) - Tue 12 Sep 2017

Wonderful story, I just finished reading the whole thing! I love how you have developed all the relationships and your portrayal of the characters. I hope you made it through the hurricane without too much damage. Looking forward to more of your story!

roberta. (Chapter 78) - Sun 10 Sep 2017

Be safe prayers for you and yours

MagicTuchi (Chapter 77) - Sun 10 Sep 2017

When I read the parts that were in Spanish I couldn't stop laughing xDDDD (Spanish is my first language) I'm so used to read fanfics in english that was strange reading in Spanish xD 

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