Reviews for Night Blooms by Reira

Anna (Chapter 1) - Wed 30 Mar 2011

This story is really good! The imagery is beautiful! However...there is one part that kind of bothers me. When you describe the smell of a girls genitalia as fishy...that's not correct. Haha, when a girl's genitalia smells fishy...that means it's sick as in either a yeast infection or sometype of STD. (I teach human sexuality at a highschool -_-;) A healthy vagina should just smell like musk and earth. I'm not quite sure if it matters to you or not, but to someone who knows fish smell=sick vagina, it kind of knocked me out of my fanfic reading head space! Otherwise this story if beautiful, but I think you can further improve yourself if you double check some spelling :) Great fic, and I sure hope you continue the Perfume story, I ADORE that!

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