Reviews for What If by Lady Kirara

~krazy4fluffy~ (Chapter 1) - Tue 28 May 2013


Tammy (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Apr 2011

This was absolutely wonderful.  It was so utterly heart wrenching yet gave you hope for Kagome at the end.  I think this story stands well on its own, but I would definitely read more of it should you choose to expande on it!!

FallenTenchi (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Feb 2011

I must admit a shed a few tears reading this story, if you wanted the emotion to transport your readers you have achieved!   You had a great idea for a songfic. I will say, I can't deny the fact it was wonderfully well written and hope one day you will find the time to complete this fic for the pleasure of every reader. I can assure you, it will be added in my favorites Stories/Fics and I will keep my eyes out for addition chapters.

Thank you for participating in the challenge, you may now take the banner.


~Juggalette4Lyfe420~ (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Feb 2011

wow... i love how sesshomaru-sama hugged kagome at the end it made me wanna cry more! this story is wonderful and so filled with emotions i cried when ayame and sango died :( i wasnt expecting that at all i hope you decide to make this longer i would really enjoy reading more of this fic so i humbly ask of you to update :)

cakeiton (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Feb 2011

rin :[

good job!

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