Reviews for Ebony Eyes by Kanna37

Miralith (Chapter 1) - Wed 24 Aug 2016

That was deeply distrubing.

An amazing, emotionial, heartwrenching story, but disturbing nontheless.

I teared up reading that. That in itself is an amazing feat - you made the emotionless, heartless Sammi tear up.

Now, I am bound forever to your work - Expect a myrad of reviews my friend!

Kittyinaz (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Sep 2013

Ugh tissue warnings needed for this one!!  Makes a cold worse.  Lol

amy (Chapter 1) - Sat 19 Feb 2011


laenfante (Chapter 1) - Tue 15 Feb 2011

Okay; that's twice you've made me cry...(reaches for another tissue) But it's such a wonderful story.

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 1) - Tue 15 Feb 2011

@_@ OMG that was soooooo sad! I'm tearing up!!!! You did a wonderful job and even though they both died they got to be together in the end. Wonderful job, this is totally going in my favorites so I can pull it out whenever I need to read something angsty.

SilverontheRose (Chapter 1) - Tue 15 Feb 2011

Ah, you made me cry.  I love the Everly Brothers... my favorite is 'Down in The Willow Garden'. 

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Tue 15 Feb 2011

*pouts* i'm sad now good story but sad.

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