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Aliciabear (Chapter 15) - Tue 20 Jan 2015

hope you get to update soon!!!! i am loving it!!!!

Lena (Chapter 15) - Wed 10 Sep 2014

Oh how I missed this story!!! 

Marina (Chapter 15) - Sat 06 Sep 2014

How is she supposed to know who is an Alpha and who isn't?

Alii (Chapter 15) - Tue 02 Sep 2014

Oh my gosh I was suffering from withdraws when you stopped writing! Please update soon! (:

sam (Chapter 15) - Tue 02 Sep 2014

...or they'll be on you like crackheads on a $10 rock. DEAD. I love this fic keep up the good work!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Mon 01 Sep 2014

Great story, keep it coming

maricela (Chapter 15) - Mon 01 Sep 2014

worth the wait. awesome thank you.

Cinno (Chapter 14) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

Please update soon this is a Amazing story

kagome_past_and_present (Chapter 14) - Tue 07 Jan 2014

I like the plot and story. I'm not too keen on reading so much about the new AU characters. They are getting alot of attention.. anyway! Plots great.


Ankita (Chapter 14) - Sat 30 Nov 2013

:) nice chapter 

please update soon thank you 

Alii (Chapter 14) - Mon 25 Nov 2013

So Sesshomaru hired a ninja? I like it! lol please update soon! I love all of these updates dear!:)

Tx2 (Chapter 1) - Mon 25 Nov 2013

Have to say that I love this story! Also, glad to see you've updated too.  I'm hoping so hard that Kagome will be more of a badass than everyone makes her out to be. Like, she'll know the Great Lord as a play uncle and everyone loves her because that's just the Kagome way! It sucks that everyone just calls her a normal human girl. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

lilmonkey37043 (Chapter 5) - Mon 25 Nov 2013

XD i'm dying here, aimaru is going to get killed by both of them, i just feel it.

elizabeth (Chapter 1) - Sun 24 Nov 2013

your story is intersting continuous  please 

Silverfurred (Chapter 14) - Sun 24 Nov 2013

It's so funny to read this because I'm from Chicago. :D

And Jabora and his crew are a riot. I love it.

rose (Chapter 13) - Wed 24 Jul 2013

next chapter please

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 13) - Tue 14 May 2013

~~How have I never read this?!?!! Please update soon!! :D I can't wait to see what happens next!

Riccie4 (Chapter 13) - Sun 21 Apr 2013

Hehehehe I LOVE this story! If they evspinoff an Inuyasha spinoff it should be like this. I can't wait too see what your mind cooks up next in this twisted romance of Kagome and Shessomaru! And I love your added characters so much! They have me laughing up a storm!!

Happy Writing!!^_^




Ankita (Chapter 13) - Sun 14 Apr 2013

pleaseeee updateee soonnnn !!!

Silverfurred (Chapter 13) - Sun 14 Apr 2013
Yall some ignant bitches. I'm fucking rolling. This is half the shit my friends say. And I'm from Chi-town!!! Good to see you back Duchess. You have no idea the magnitude of the ugly-ass touchdown dance I did when I saw you had updated EVERYTHING! :D Can't wait for more. --Silver

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