naqaashi (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 May 2011

::sniffles:: like those ancient, semi-sad, achingly lovely fairytales that leave you feeling overwhelmed...and yet desiring more. 

Mizuko Takayama (Chapter 1) - Thu 06 Jan 2011

I was hesitant to read this because it is verse and I find a lot of the time I am disappointed by the writing. But I should have known better when it comes to your work. =) I really liked it!


Have a wonderful week!


Megan (Chapter 1) - Sun 02 Jan 2011

This is a very beautiful story, I love it, you should be proud I trully loved it.






Hedda (Chapter 1) - Sun 02 Jan 2011


This is so beautiful I cried. In fact, I am still crying. So bare with my English for I can scyrclyI rarely read them, but somehow I clicked on your story and I fell in love with it instantly.

The poem flows so well. So amazingly well written. Such a beautiful story.

Please say, there will be a second poem!



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