WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Sun 04 May 2014

Read it again today... still in love... still so very grateful!!!!!!!!



WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Sat 19 Jan 2013

Just re-read this today, and got warm fuzzies all over again!  Once more, thank you so very much for this precious gift!!!



TKE (Chapter 1) - Sat 28 May 2011

Awwww.....so beautiful!!!!  Another amazing story!!

Fallen0x (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Apr 2011

Hi, I really liked this story! :) Ja Ne!

TheMikoShivae (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Jan 2011

awwws !  very awesome!

GreyEcho (Chapter 1) - Fri 31 Dec 2010

I REALLY liked this fic. That was awesome! Really good idea and will be a favorite of mine to reread. :D


WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Dec 2010

Ahhhhhhhh, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEing with joy!!!!!!  I do SO love presents and this is SUCH a marvelous, beautiful, touching present... I fairly bounced in my chair when I saw the posting, and have spent today reading and re-reading it - and sighing with contented smiles each and every time.  Goosebumps, I tell you, GOOSEBUMPS!  How can I ever thank you for such a lovely gift???  My hours of time and effort seem like nothing compared to the HOURS of joy I get from you and your fellow authors on this site.  To have such a thing of beauty dedicated to me?  My cup truly runneth over this holiday season.  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  You and all our other talented members are what make the time I spend here worth every minute... May you have the most joyous of New Years!!!!!



PS - No such thing as too fluffy where I'm concerned, LOL!!  It is PERFECT.  Period!

laenfante (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Dec 2010

<sniff, sniff> Where are the tissues?

Thank you, Amber; that was beautifully done. You managed to wring the emotions out of everyone. And (sorry r0o) Inuyasha's new-found maturity was a nice touch. I love to see your name pop up on my watch list, because I know that I, and everyone else, is in for a really good treat.

Happy New Year!



a Mysticlady (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Dec 2010

Very lovely. I love your writing and you have given us another wonderful piece.

Just wish there was a kiss. sequel?

amy (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Dec 2010


sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Dec 2010

LOVES! YUS! though.... part of me was kinda hoping mayhem on the hanyou... i still loved it!  ♥

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