Creature of Shadow (Chapter 4) - Thu 06 Jan 2011

Awwwwwws! Cute! I loved the eyes in the back of her head bit t0o. We all had to give up on finding those, lol. And 'insanity is hereditary' hahahaha! Excellent story! Good luck, though I doubt you'll need it!

TheMikoShivae (Chapter 4) - Thu 06 Jan 2011

Cute!!  :D

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 2) - Thu 30 Sep 2010

Aww, this is so cut...oww..*spits out a rotten tooth from cavity* Hehe, it was worth it, lol, very sweet!!

DestinysTears (Chapter 2) - Thu 30 Sep 2010

ADORABLE Hairann!! The imagery is incredibly beautiful. You're are such a talented writer, dear! I absolutely love the scene where Souta is pushing the seeds out of his mouth with his tongue. I can practically see it happening in my mind like a movie. It keeps replaying and replaying - so cute!

Rachel (Chapter 1) - Mon 16 Aug 2010

Aaah cute! XD I love how the pancakes really bring out their character x3

MissTeak (Chapter 1) - Tue 10 Aug 2010

Awwww Hairann this was lovely!! I couldn't help squealing; everyone is soooo cute.

LOL at Little Naraku and his 'Chaos' theme. Kana was pretty cool and philosophical for a little girl! Little Sesshoumaru and Kagome are so endearing...good job!! :) You definitely did the theme justice.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 1) - Tue 10 Aug 2010

Chaos and entropy??? Naraku was scary even as a baby! This was hilarious!

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