Reviews for Now or Never by Kanna37

Jailene (Chapter 1) - Fri 22 Apr 2011


wickedone43 (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Jan 2011



I hadn't read this fic of yours!  WOW!  Brilliant!


Must keep reading....



InuLover (Chapter 1) - Thu 19 Aug 2010

OMG! This was perfect!  And, if anyone else could pull off what Sesshomaru did, I'd like to see them try.  His perceptions and intuition, knowing what Inu had put Kagome thru, then knowing Inu would be watching..and revisiting it on was perfect.  I'll be reading this one again and again.  You rock with this one-shot.  The best 3 minutes I've had in a long while.  Thanx!  :D

swift death (Chapter 1) - Mon 16 Aug 2010

pretty good and karma totally pays you back for the good and the bad :)

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 Aug 2010

Payback's a bitch!! 'nuff said.

MissTeak (Chapter 1) - Tue 10 Aug 2010

Did I waste three minutes?


I loved this, Amber! You did such a great job as always, and it is nice to see a change in style from Accidentally Funny. XD

laenfante (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

Oh, you did a beautiful job, m'dear! The entire story is there; short and perfectly sweet. <adores>

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

*giggles* ♥s!!!! >:3 stupid yusha! >:3

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

Exccellent job. I enjoyed reading your little snippet...wished it was longer, but worth the read. Hugs and smiles :)

TruGemini (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

Terrific job Amber! Once again your talent is showing...LOL!

knifethrower (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

Yesssss!  It was awesome!

Phantomlogic (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

I definately wouldn't say it "killed" three minutes!  I very much enjoyed this little snippet!!

Mariposa (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

Oh you definitly suceeded in creating a glimpse of was  Beautiful! Yay Sessy. Inuyasha deserved the hurt and pain he felt and I am super glad that he didnt interupt Sessy and Kags. I very much enjoyed this oneshot.

Sophie (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

It was worthy three minutes :) Very nice piece :)

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