Mizuko Takayama (Chapter 2) - Sun 30 Jan 2011

I'm loving this so far!!! I really hope you have time to update soon!! =D

Have a wonderful week!


GreyEcho (Chapter 2) - Thu 15 Jul 2010

Oh wow. I can't wait to see what happens. update when you can.

Gabrielle (Chapter 2) - Wed 14 Jul 2010

You must continue. :) I like it! Very descriptive.

Noacat (Chapter 2) - Wed 14 Jul 2010

No need to worry about your English. It's very good. Waaaaaaaaaay better than my Italian.

In any event, this is a lovely story and I am so excited to see where you take it. The way you describe Sesshoumaru's reactions to his predicament are fantastic and very in character. Keep going!

Ciao! (This is literally all the Italian I know. Sad.)


SilentlyFuming (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Jul 2010

an interesting start!  can't wait to see where you take this... *^_^*  (I wonder if Kagome n' the others would recognize him...)

its.a.crime.to.be.so.cute (Chapter 1) - Thu 01 Jul 2010

this is a very interesting begining. for your first attempt the spelling was wonderful. i truely was surprised when no one had died. when i read the summery i had thought that something along the lines of kagome attempting to kill herself, or something along those lines, was attempted. But what you have is much better! I hope you continue and write another chapter soon!

~ foxykitten from ff.net

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