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Knight of Disorder (Chapter 2) - Mon 05 Feb 2018

I love this story and have read it about a dozen times. The last line of Chapter 2 still bugs me every time I read it. It just jars me so hard out of the story and I don't know why.

Siera Serenity Star (Chapter 3) - Fri 16 Sep 2016

Omg! I loved it! awesome story! And the perfect ending for sango and Inuyasha's betrayal. 

MythMagykFae (Chapter 3) - Mon 09 Feb 2015

Great story! Kikyo and kagome ending peacfully made me soo happy, I always thought they should make up, being fom the same soul amd all. (:

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 3) - Sat 18 Oct 2014

Aw such a good story!!!! I really like how you had written this.

Inuyasha and Sango were idiots but that was also a good idea for a pairing.

Hope you had fun to write these^^

Until next time


Camille (Chapter 3) - Thu 21 Nov 2013

This story was amazing . I can't find other words to descibe it. It was well written , well thought out . And i kbrw it would be good for you have written so many good stories . Lessons learned in this , you do bad you have to lay in the bed you made . Karma always finds away , it always catches up . I loved this story , once again another 5/5 from you!

Kittyinaz (Chapter 3) - Sat 21 Sep 2013

Very poignant lesson to be learned here!  Love it and going to another.  

Infinite Silence (Chapter 3) - Sun 14 Apr 2013

As you know, I love your stories, however, I do have a bit of a question that has been nagging me whenever I read this story. You do not have to answer it if you don't want to, but I feel as though I have to voice it. When Kikyo catches up with InuYasha, and finds out about the betrayal that him and Sango have perpetrated against Kagome, she curses Sango. My question is this, Why didn't she curse InuYasha instead? In my opinion it would have been better served to curse him instead, because at any time he could leave Sango and pup someone else, and then him and Sango raise it as their own.

Or the fact that Sango wouldn't live his life span, unless he did like Sesshoumaru did to Kagome and drenched her in youki to extend her life. While I do understand why you had Kikyo curse Sango, I feel it would have been better to curse InuYasha. At least that is my opinion, and well this is your story, so my opinion doesn't really affect the story. lol.

I do have to admit though, I so very much enjoy reading and re-reading your stories, they bring me much joy. Plus they take forever to read through, and that is what makes it even more enjoyable for me. The fact that I won't finish it in a couple of hours and so I have something that will occupy my time for at least one to two days depending on the story I am reading. :)

Angelika (Chapter 3) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

i can see both ways. to take awya her right to ebar children to carry on the slayer name even is sad but i guess it''s fitting to an extent as well. i'm glad shippo and miroku were forgiven and sesshomaru seemd to enjoy his pakc expanding with them and their mates.

ForgottenOncePromised (Chapter 3) - Sun 22 Jul 2012

Love it! I just found thid story and I really loved it!


Knight of Disorder (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Feb 2012

Awesome story, definatly worth a reading again once I run out of others. Again great story.

amy (Chapter 3) - Wed 11 May 2011

A sad but fitting ending, thank you for finishing the fan fic!

SashaMarie (Chapter 3) - Fri 08 Apr 2011

I loved this story thanks for a great story.

Indie (Chapter 3) - Sun 13 Feb 2011

I love your work. Your writing stlye moves along so well. And the romance in this was spot on, without being trashy.  I like your take on this plotline. Everyone was in character, and I found Kikyo's revenge to be perfect. I look forward to reading more of your work. :)

lara (Chapter 3) - Fri 11 Feb 2011

I didn't see that coming .............I didn't think Kikyo would do that to Sango. I actually think she should have done it Inuyasha since if he did the same to Sango that he did to Kikyo & Kagome  then he'd be able to Mate another woman one day or if Sango was killed by someone who hunted hanyou's ,hanyou's mates & kids then he'd be able to find another Mate .......but if Kikyo had cursed Inuyasha then it would be him personally that would never have child of his own......Sango had already lost her entire family & village.

I liked this story though I'd have liked to have been able to have seen more of how the relationship between Sessh & Kagome had changed from one of distance to  Mates...I would have loved to have seen it from his perspective if he'd really been watching, waiting & hoping for an opening all along............I'd have love to have seen that. I also wish that Shippo would have chased her down.....if he had gone after her crying that he wanted to tell her but Inuyasha had threatened him & told her he didn't want to be left with them but wanted to be with her I think she'd have taken him.

Rin (Chapter 3) - Sat 05 Feb 2011

Interesting. I like how you wrote Sesshoumaru's character. I think Kagome was close, but something was slightly off to me.

Worth the read, and simple yet full enough to keep me in the story. 

Anonymous (Chapter 3) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

i just loved your story i think what inuyasha and sango got was perfect for then. i also love the lesson behind the story  you worte, i have gone through that before and in the end that person ended up alone. so anyways i loved your story i think people should read this story it will teach them a very good lesson about betrayal. ♥!!!LOVE THIS STORY!!!♥

SashaMarie (Chapter 3) - Sat 31 Jul 2010

This was an AWESOME story. I loved it. Great job.

Creature of Shadow (Chapter 3) - Sun 04 Jul 2010

I liked this very much. It has just the  right amount of angst. And I think justice was served fairly. Great story.

WingYee (Chapter 3) - Fri 02 Jul 2010

Thank you!

That was a great read :)

Keep up the excellent work x

wickedone43 (Chapter 3) - Tue 29 Jun 2010

Ah....very well done!  I feel bad for Inuyasha and Sango, but the moral of this fic is the important thing here.  Congrats!  This fic is wonderful.  I look forward to reading more of your works.  Great job!

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