Reviews for Modern Times by knifethrower

Thoughtful confusion (Chapter 1) - Fri 14 Oct 2011

Hm... I'm unsure of where you're going with this? But it seems like a good start. I admit I got a little curious with the 'not hers to give' ...

I'll be looking for updates! ;)

Sess Koibito (Chapter 1) - Sun 02 May 2010

A great start ... can't wait to read this one!  So, Kagome and Hojou are married AND forty???  Update again soon! :)

Trynia Merin (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 May 2010

I really love the amount of detail in this.  It seems every aspect of Kagome's life is well controlled by Hojo. The subtle reference to him checking her weight though shows that he's trying to make her into the ideal companion by making everything just right, or how he thinks it should be.   Her life has become very predictable almost like a post card, but one with a side that shows her lack of love for it.

Also I love the fact there is one place where she can bring in injured animals. It's a place in her controlled life where she can be herself.  You've got a great balance of elements and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Trouble_In_Shangri_la (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 May 2010

Interesting beginning. Poor Kagome, she's down in the dumps...

Oroyukae (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 May 2010

You honor me with the dedication, Chica. Already I can sense that this will be a brilliant piece, since you have yet to disappoint a reader. I could feel Kagome's resenment for the manner in which her husband assess her weight and am intrigued by the methods Houjo uses to ensure  she doesn't slip. Does he not discuss things with her, or does he avoid the issue by informing the two elder women so that they can intervene, freeing him from facing the matter? Hmmm... I shall have to wait and see what path you lead me down in this tale. I like how you made her a rescuer of injured wild animals, it seems such  Kagome thing to do, and I cannot help but crave more details in regard to just how the battle went, why Yasha died and just why Kagome thinks she should have as well. You have the makings of a rivoting piece of literature Chica, I encourage you to continue and await an update.

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