melissa (Chapter 2) - Wed 01 Aug 2012

i just found this story i really hope you will add more chapters to it

Lyss (Chapter 2) - Tue 07 Feb 2012

Hi, I was just browsing around and found your story! I really enjoyed the first two chapters and I hope you'll update in the future! :)

jojo661538 (Chapter 2) - Mon 21 Jun 2010

hehehehe she thought he was a bird it a bird its a plane no it sesshoumaru hehehe anyways its a great story keep up the great work i hope to read more soon ^_^

KyuubiPandoraChan (Chapter 2) - Sat 15 May 2010

I smell disaster coming...XD Sesshoumaru with no memories joining their group...Kekeke...

MissTeak (Chapter 2) - Sun 09 May 2010

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Sexual tension rising! LOL. I love how you described the tension between them; it is so subtle but still, sexy in a way. If I were Kagome, my heart would have given out from the pressure! That poor girl really has a knack for getting caught up in the worst situations.

The conversations between Kagome and Inuyasha are hilarious; I love it when she threatens him. And now, Sesshoumaru is part of the pack! That's ALWAYS fun to read.

Obviously, we need more answers, dear authoress! So please update soon and make us happy readers :) :) Keep up the good work, Raine!

MissTeak (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 May 2010

WOW!! I mean, gosh, this is insane!! Firstly, the awkward situation is bad enough. I don't know who I pity more - Kagome, for obvious reasons; Sesshoumaru, for his predicament and Inuyasha, for having to witness this...drama. Secondly, oh my goodness, how on earth did high and mighty Lord Fluff lose his memory?!! That's a very refreshing and creative plot bunny, and I look forward to seeing where you go with this one. Great job as always, Raine!

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This is awesome! I'm really looking forward to the next updates. I love the way you've focussed on what any lonely dog would need, the comfort of a pack, stability and understanding of the hierarchy. Fab!

Kanna37 (Chapter 2) - Fri 07 May 2010

Very very interesting idea, I'll be sticking with this story, thank you very much!


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Hmmmm I wonder what happened to him, though... And what Inuyasha's and Kagome's reaction is going to be...


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*favorites author* hehe I cant wait to get an email telling me that flight of love chapter 2 has been updated! seriously wonderful! *more gushing*


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