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Kitana Tsukino-hime (Chapter 2) - Wed 22 Sep 2010
Okay, three words for you, What the hell...? *snarls* I would make that bastard crawl, begging, back to me. And he would crawl, you can be sure of that. I am loving this so far in spite of the fact that the Taiyoukai pissed me off. Inu Demoness Kitana

kat (Chapter 4) - Mon 07 Jun 2010

wowzers! cant wait for you to update next im loving the detail you put into the story even though yeah its sad so far im bouncing up n down wondering what happend and what will happen ^^ cant wait for you to get the chance to update again mega kudos to you!!

Connie (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 May 2010 to an already angsty start... :/ poor kagome....wht happened with them?! stay strong kagome! :]

Samantha (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 May 2010

Hot damn! Poor Kagome. I hope Sesshomaru realizes the JERK he's been.

Eve Nighte (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 May 2010

Alright!! We get some non-lemony action and I cannot wait to see what happens. There aren't many authors who are able to think of original plot twists so I have to applaud you on a job well done!! *claps hands* This story is simply amazing and everything about it is original and oh so good - especially the lemons *tehehe*


Hope to see a new chapter soon and keep up the good work ^^

Scherherazade (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 May 2010

I've just read both chapters 3 and 4.  Both are very well written.  The lemon in chapter 3 was very hot.  Both chapters just deepen the mystery. I'm beginning to think that Sesshoumaru is not the cold hearted bastard I initially thought he was in previous chapters.  As Kagome was going through her box of momentos remembering Sesshoumaru giving her the slips of papers with the reasons he loved her on them, I could see clearly that he truly deeply loved her at that point. Since she had been thinking how hard it was for him to verbalize his feelings it is also obvious that he's not given to meaningless romantic gestures and that in order for him to express his love for her so thoroughly proves he isn't a heartless jerk.

But once again what the heck happened?  I'm guessing he believes, for some reason, that she betrayed him.  But why?  I would hope there was compelling evidence.  But since she has no clue what happened or why his feelings changed as well as the fact that she was at one point suicidal over losing him, it tells me that she didn't do whatever it is he thinks she did.   

There are a couple of things that seem strange to me and they are why would Momiji risk Sesshoumaru's wrath by hiring Kagome to work for them.  I'm sure the last person he would want there is her and Momiji being close to both of them has to know that.  In fact I expect if he found out about it he would fire her.  Next why does he find it so easy to trust Momiji but not his own wife?  One more thing, he must know Momiji is friends with his despised ex-wife.  How does that not tarnish his trust in her?

I can't wait to see what happens next.  Being a romantic at heart I hope they will get back together, but I hope Kagome will make him beg.  He has treated her horribly and deserves to grovel his way back.

MissTeak (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 May 2010

Awww this was one that brought tears to my eyes :X I hate it when people go through such painful memories, and it is so painful but you wrote it so well so it was bad in a very good way. LOL if you get what I mean, that is. The suicide aspect was terrible; thank goodness for Momiji, or Kagome would have been six feet under. Sesshoumaru's being such a class A cow, but I am pretty sure he has his own reasons too, or he wouldn't have been so extreme in his hatred. I wonder what Kagome did or did not do to deserve this treatment. She's suffering so badly inside; I just hope things will get better for them soon. And dearie, I will reply to your wall post soon! I've been too busy with the packing (I HATE PACKING) and I've been busy buying gifts for the Japanese friends.

Beautiful writing as always, looking forward to more!!

redpixie (Chapter 3) - Sat 01 May 2010

*fans herself* Maaaan was that hot, or what! 

3 chapters and I'm already totally addicted...

I guess my only hope is that you update soon, then xP


Eve Nighte (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Apr 2010

Wonderful chapter! The lemon was perfect, no worries there. I was actually wondering when you were going to up-date and well, when I chekced today, I found a new chapter so I was very pleased ^^.


As for suggestions, all I ask is that there continue to be good lemony...lemons (XD). You're doing an amazing job, keep it up!

MissTeak (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Apr 2010

I understand perfectly how a woman would be hung up on a man :/ I used to think of this particular guy all the time when I was in my first and second year of university. Somehow, what happened between us was the strangest thing...we were so close and everyone in our common social circle thought we were going to get together or something, and then he dropped the bomb saying he cannot be with me because he had to focus on his studies. Honestly, even though I've sort of gotten over it, I still miss him at times.

Oh well, enough of my sob story, point is, this chapter was excellent like the previous two. I feel really sorry for poor Kagome; Sesshoumaru is being a class A jerk. But thank goodness for Sango...a girl needs a best friend. I hope Sesshoumaru will start to feel guilty for being so cruel to poor Kagome!! He seems like such a brilliant guy, but somehow he lacks a conscience. Anyway, good job dear!!:) You're doing so well!

ceres (Chapter 2) - Sun 25 Apr 2010

Sorry but Kagome is really pathetic, hung up for such a bastard after five years? I don´t know who is worse or why women like such assholes like him. There´s nothing hot or "cool" about a male like him, seems like some girls are really masochists.

Scherherazade (Chapter 2) - Fri 23 Apr 2010

A very powerful story.  The sex was hot and the story riveting.  I am wondering what the heck happened between them.  Why did he seem to turn on her almost overnight.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

miwa03 (Chapter 2) - Thu 22 Apr 2010

Sorry, I'm too lazy to log in on this compie...

Hawt and sadistic story! Ugggh Sess is so evil! But that really is to be expected from him. Nice change from the lovey-dovey Sess we used to see in other stories! LOVE IT!

And I'm curious on why Sess is so cold towards her. What had changed in their marriage that started this chaos? I'm really curious of Sess reason. Did he just suddenly fell out of love with Kags?

I want to know what went on Sess' mind so you have to update fast!!! ^_^

Eve Nighte (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Apr 2010

Forgot to mention...amazing lemon :D!!!

Hopefully there are plenty more *giggles*

Eve Nighte (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Apr 2010



I love this!!! Sesshomaru is so f'ing hot but so CRUEL!! *feels like she was the one who was rejected*

Amazing chapter, cannot wait to

MissTeak (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Apr 2010

Dear Raine, this was amazing!! OMG he's such a CLASS A BASTARD. *curses Sesshymaru and kicks his doll figurine off the shelf* He is being such an ASS. OMG. But of course, to elicit such a response out of me means you've done a good job! I enjoyed this very very much indeed; Kagome must be really, really unlucky to have a one night stand with her ex-husband of all the living and breathing creatures on earth. Having said that, I am going to ask for more. PLEASEEEEEEE. MOOOOOOORE. MissTeak wants MOOOOOORE of amazing writing and mind-blowing hot smutty scenes HAHAHA. Did I just say that?? GAWD. I must be high on caffeine but please, update soon!! XD

TruGemini (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Apr 2010

damn...Sess is such an ass! But come on Kags, you know how he is. 5 years and still hung up on him? Let him go girl, let him go.

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 2) - Tue 20 Apr 2010

omg cant wait for the next chapter!!!!

FayeMegan (Chapter 2) - Tue 20 Apr 2010

Dang, what's Sesshoumaru's problem? Update soon! Nice lemon by the way ;)

stars (Chapter 2) - Tue 20 Apr 2010

please updata

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