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riverspirit (Chapter 7) - Mon 26 Sep 2011

Ok, ok, confession time: I hesitated for the looooongest time before reading this one because I thought that the premise was a little corny. I should have known better, seeing as how it was written by Forthright! You are so talented, and so well-rounded: excellent dialogue, good plots, excellent characterizations, and (last but not least in my book) grammatically correct! Thank you so much for your stories. I wholeheartedly enjoy them.

Cherry (Chapter 7) - Thu 14 Jul 2011

That was adorable! Thank you for such a lovely story!

Lauren (Chapter 7) - Sun 07 Nov 2010

*Awws* That was such a sweet story. Despite the pace of this fic, it - everything - flowed really well (though I was looking forward to The War Gods' publis defeat). They were mututally goal oriented and achieved all they set out to accomplish (in these games at least). A great dip in the land of make-believe and happily ever afters. *gives you cookies* Thank you for another great story!

Kawaii Girl

Lauren (Chapter 5) - Sun 07 Nov 2010

Gah! Bigots. *kicks* >< Good chapter, otherwise. I love the rainbow prompt you're doing.

Lauren (Chapter 6) - Sun 07 Nov 2010

How sweet and appropriate. This chapter was very telling (as was the one before it). This alternate reality and circumstance you've put Inuyasha-tachi in is interesting. I think I'm beginning to like to better than the original, pan-dimensional universe. It's strange really. As two-dimensional as this story starts and should stay, it's grown and developed with the characters.

The description you've given throughout the story has been awesome (as usual). I'm not one for winter sports other than ice skating, so the detail does wonders to help me in placing them. Thank you!

Looking forward to another/the last embarrassing encounter with "The War Gods". *cringes*
Kawaii Girl

Lauren (Chapter 1) - Sun 07 Nov 2010

My favorite characters (besides Naraku, of course)! This should be cute. LOL Figures Jakostu would immediately think they had to get their testicles chopped. Poor baby. Hope the boys don't get hair cuts that are too short. I don't know if they'd be able to pull it off... *tries to imagine Bankotsu, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru with Paige boy cuts and winces* They'd definitely have to be proportionate.

Hope Naraku's not too much of a douche bag in this one!
Kawaii Girl

MissTeak (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Jul 2010

It just occurred to me that I left the review for this amazing, amazing story of yours in a stupid word document and forgot to post it up! *blows dust off review* I am sorry about it!

here, it's as good as new. :)

This was the first time I've read a story where Sesshoumaru didn't have his amazing hair, and the same goes for Kagome, who cut her ponytail off in support. It was initially a gasp!-moment, but the more I read, the more comfortable I grew with it and in the end, I found it a very, very refreshing change from what we are so used to seeing.

The setting was very well described as always, and it transported me, the reader, effortlessly into your story. It was as if I could see all the sights and hear the cheers of the crowd, and for that, I applaud you. It's something only a skilled writer can pull off, and I am glad I found your works! It's terribly warm here in Singapore all year round, and reading this wintry piece helped cool me down. I am not kidding; it really did have that effect! XD

I definitely love all your works and I cannot wait to get started on Unspoiled, which I am sure, will be a very enjoyable read as well. Keep writing!

lady_myth (Chapter 7) - Fri 26 Mar 2010

Is there anything you write that isn't god damned phenomenal?!!!


I <3 this!


My dear, I love your talent. I'm addicted! And I swear if I don't get my hits on a regular basis...I. WILL. FIND. YOU.




Can't wait to see what picks your brain next!

REDWOLF (Chapter 7) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Awwwww. this is so sweet.

Hairann (Chapter 7) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Completely amazing story from start to finish and going on my favorites list :).  Very sweet moment between them at the end, and though I would have loved more, it was perfect as is.  I hope to real more stories like this from you in the future :).

Hairann (Chapter 6) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Absolutly beautiful chapter.  I love the conversation between Kagome and Hojo at the beginning, sounded a lot like girl friends chating and my gaydar seems to be tingling lol.  But either way, very cute :).  So beautiful what Kagome did for Sesshoumaru, a very 'aww' moment :).

Hairann (Chapter 5) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Another great chapter, way too many amazing lines to list them all :). Though my favorite lines are tied between 'Jakotsu’s eyes bulged. “You could purify their bits off?”' and '“Ma’am, you are seven kinds of scary,” Kouga declared with feeling.'   I love the idea of the Four War Gods being their opponents, I don't think I have actually seen them in another fan fiction :).  

Hairann (Chapter 4) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

I loved this chapter, especially the conversation with the guys about being half-blind, very cute :).  In a hurry to get to the next chapter, so that's it for now for the review :).

Hairann (Chapter 3) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Hehe I am actually listening to the Police while reading this, though not message in a bottle hehe.  Very cute and I love his little gift for her :). 

Hairann (Chapter 2) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Haha "Get your own,", a nice interduction to Kagome, even if it was quick :).  I love the idea of being able to dampen the noise for him, very original idea :).  Onto the next chapter :).

Hairann (Chapter 1) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Lol I love the beginning Forth, though I'm ready to scream at the idea of them having to get their hair cut *cries*.  Very fluid writing, everything flows and ties in nicely even with such a small amount of details.  I love that you have the two brothers competing against each other and the idea of Totosai being “Best in the business when it comes to blades,”.  On to the next chapter :).

Dana Daidouji (Chapter 7) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

Oh my! This is such a sweet story! I loved it :) I also watched the olympic games and even recorded the Figure Skating long program. I've always loved that sport. 

Tana_san (Chapter 7) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

I usually like to review each and every chapter when I read a fic, but I became so entranced with this that I just couldn't stop reading. Your style of writing is beautifully gifted.

I truly enjoyed the use of characters for this fic. Having youkai and humans compete on comparatively equal levels by having rules against youkai's natural abilities dampened so they were equal to human abilities was perfect. This way every species has a chance to engage in such activities together and enjoy themselves.

The way you write in challenges is amazing. It only proves your skill and talent for creating a full fledged chapter story from prompts used in challenge contests. I commend you and your imagination.  JEN

Mishikaiya (Chapter 7) - Thu 25 Mar 2010

The best ending. :)

Rowdys girl (Chapter 7) - Thu 25 Mar 2010


I must thank William Blake for his necessary aid in finding the best way to describe your stories; this one and all the others:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.


And find perfection in a word,

That never spoken is nonetheless heard.

My unequal addition to his brilliance, but that is what i've been trying to say since I read the first of your stories and have wrestled with while reading each subsequent tale. You express yourself best when you say the least, and you say it so eloquently! And it's not just the implied that you manage to communicate so completely, it's the elegance of your style! And all the while your characters remain very real, very (forgive me, Sesshoumaru) human.

While you may regard this little story as barely more than a drabble, it is you at your best, spare of word, yet rich in meaning. I have found it to be utterly charming and the ending was magical. I really feel as though you have participated in the Olympics yourself, so clear and sharp the pictures you created with your prose, or should I call it poetry? For there were moments when it seemed more like poetry. You always manage to serve excellence.

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