JeniNeji (Chapter 6) - Mon 15 Feb 2010

Poor Kagome, but at the end, itwas good.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 5) - Fri 12 Feb 2010

Oh, I love this. I am looking forward to the next chapters.

JeniNeji (Chapter 5) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

>_< Ahh!

Tara-Yomitorika (Chapter 4) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

Wow. I'm sorry, but Kagome is kinda uber-creepy in this story. That's stalkerish behaviour right there. I mean, a bit of his hair, a scrap of his clothes, and a piece of his fingernail? Next thing you know, she'll be offering to bandage a wound for him just to have a bit of his blood or something. Aside from the fact that Sesshoumaru almost never get's hurt. But still, CREEPY....

JeniNeji (Chapter 4) - Sat 06 Feb 2010

Yeah, nice touch. Thats sort of seductive...ah, I like Sesshomaru :)

~Juggalette4Lyfe420~ (Chapter 3) - Sat 06 Feb 2010

I loved it u must update again soon please

JeniNeji (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Feb 2010

This was very good!I like it!

Snowfall (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Feb 2010

LOL  That was so cute!  Rin was great.  And now, she made the final push and the human, girl, and miko, is now Kagome.  Sweet.  ^_^  I like the way you did that.  It really works.  ^_^

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