Reviews for No More Heroes by beckyducky

Hesunohana (Chapter 4) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

wow ! an extra super good beginning. so sad in the mean time. I hope they'll get better later.

Daniella (Chapter 3) - Tue 06 Apr 2010

I like this story so far and I'm very interested to see where you go with it.  Your chapters are a nice length; not too long not too short yet full of information.  I nearly cried when Sango lost her baby! :( And I get to be the first reviewer so that's always a bonus.  Keep up the good work and on a side note I have a bunch of free time at night so if you are still in need I would be happy to be your beta though your work is very good; no gramatical errors or spelling from what I can see. :)  Best wishes and a very well done start! 

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