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Nile (Chapter 10) - Sun 03 Aug 2014

I hope this will be updated.... I came back to read again.

Kimberly Morris (Chapter 10) - Sat 29 Sep 2012

OMG, this is a great story, thus far. Who would had thought of a SuperSess? Continue on....

Antares (Chapter 10) - Tue 11 Sep 2012

Ah, I must know what happens next! Please, please, please tell me this story hasn't been abandoned or anything! It's one of the most interesting I've come across in a long while! I'm absorbed.

Neelixonee (Chapter 10) - Tue 17 Jul 2012

I love this story so much.  I had started reading it a long while ago, then life got in the way for a while.  I'm happy I found it again. I really hope it will be updated.  TT_____TT please..


Kinsei (Chapter 10) - Sat 31 Dec 2011

Um,, Sesshoumaru can deflect bullets ya know, unless modern guns are faster than those during the feudal era. Or perhaps he needs to know the guns are there or perhaps they were too close?... Anyway, finally got round to reading this story again, and was disappointed to see it hasn't been updated for a long time. Hope you're ok and that you'll be able to update asap. Happy New Yr!

ACER WOLFE SMI she.her (Chapter 10) - Thu 07 Jul 2011


Aba (Chapter 10) - Tue 07 Jun 2011

Ugh, a cliffy.

Loveyaa (Chapter 10) - Mon 21 Feb 2011

OoOoOo...mysterious rider. I wonder who he is and if Sesshoumaru will be alright. I guess he finally got a taste of the 20th century. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

KEdakumi (Chapter 10) - Mon 21 Feb 2011

Ok, I had the goofiest smile on my face when I saw this was updated.   I love this story.  It's so original. (atleast from any other I've read so far)

Please update sooooooon.  I'll make cookies for your plunnies!


Quiet Whisper (Chapter 10) - Mon 21 Feb 2011

 @_@ YAY YOU UPDATED!!! *Does teh happeh dance* This is getting good and i really hope Sessho's ok (i know he will be, but yeah..) anywho awesome job and i can't wait for the next one!

Angelk (Chapter 9) - Fri 31 Dec 2010

Go Sesshoumaru!! Though he might have to learn to be a teensy bit more discreet... In any case, I hope Kagome jumps on board with him as the anonymous hero!

I look forward to your next update!


Mistress Sianna (Chapter 9) - Wed 03 Nov 2010

Such an exciting, suspenseful chapter!! I LOVED the ending and can't wait to see what happens next!! It's funny how I never thought of it before, but the senses, power and speed of a daiyouikai living in a modern world really does make him the perfect candidate to be a super hero! Thanks for updating!

I do have one request though. I would LOVE to see what Sesshoumaru's super hero outfit looks like. If ever you get some time, might you consider drawing it up so your most loyal supporter could see? No pressure though lol! Here's looking forward to the next chapter... and a drawing maybe...?



loveyaa (Chapter 9) - Fri 22 Oct 2010

And we now have a vigilante. This is only going to get better with Sesshoumaru out taking care of crime. I wonder how he is going to keep this from everybody. AHH...Im so pumped wat with my new fav super hero out and about :)

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 9) - Tue 19 Oct 2010

Sweet I was so excited to see that you'd posted another chapter! And woot SuperHero Sessho makes an entrance! It was a great chapter, and I can't wait to see how everything unfolds, I also can't help but wonder what the spider mark on his chest means and when Kagome's going to end up going back through the well. Awesome job and i can't wait for more!

Wolfye P (Chapter 9) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

wow!  superhero Sess in a long white trenchcoat.  uber seckshiness!  really liking where this story is going.

knifethrower (Chapter 9) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

Yeah!  So awesome!  I love it!

a Mysticlady (Chapter 9) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

Vigilante Sesshoumaru. So Cool. I see him as something like a cross between batman and the punisher. Maybe more towards the punisher. I love this. Very new and very original.

1CarinoInu (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

Hmmm, vigilante Sesshoumaru.  Hero or pest?  I can see the headlines already.  

I look forward to seeing him clean up, LOL.

Saholia (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

And a new hero is born ;p I love how this fic is progressing! I could just imagine how Sesshomaru looks playing superhero--SEXY!

KEdakumi (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

Oooo.... Super hero Sess...wait...  Super Fuzzy!  That's it! :P

Excellent story.  Can't wait for more.



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