Reviews for Hope by SunsetMiko

Hairann (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Oct 2010

Very nice drabble.  A very different idea as to why Kagome might lean toward Sesshoumaru.

Nisou Tenshi (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Sep 2010

This has so much emotion and I give you kudos for being able to express that emotion so well with so little words. I love reading my fair share of angsty drama and I definitely get it here. I would love to see something added onto it but I'd be satisfied if it stayed as this. I think I just want something more because since I did like it so much I can't help but want something more if only to see some kind of happy ending. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic. In any case, great job.

Ikaru (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Sep 2010

This was a lovely little well written drabble. I hope she holds onto hope, and it would be very nice to see a few more drabbles about the possible progression of their relationship. I'll look foreward to more of your work in the future!

Dragoness (Chapter 1) - Mon 27 Sep 2010

Ahhhh!! It gives me hope too.  You should definitely do at least one more or a set of drabbles showing the progression of their relationship.  Rin is definitely a sign if she can just hang in there. Nice story the only thing that would have made it better is Inuyasha suffering. lol I know bad me but he needs to learn how to treat people.  I look forward to your next story.

Miss Anna (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Sep 2010

I agree with MoxyMikki the relationships between Kouga and Hojo with Kagome are often forgotten, it is refreshing to see an author talk about them. I love your protrayal of Kagome and how she followed Inuyasha around lol all I was doing was picturing her as Buyo.
Needless to say I like your work, and I hope to see more! Please keep up the good job!!

MoxyMikki (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Sep 2010

such a sad drabble. But it was clearly very in touch with the reality of Kagome's emotions. I appreciated the insight into her feelings for Kouga and Hojo, as they are often relationships forgotten in fanfictions. (Even in the sense of their LACK of relationship. Its usually left at that she's not interested but no real emotion or thoughts are expressed) I hope you expend on this! It would be interesting to see someone take up the challenge of Kagome's feelings relationship with Sesshomaru, where she isn't 100% sure she loves him for HIM, as opposed to some internalization of her emotions for inuyasha, and her trying to come to terms with that would make an amazing story. Good luck.

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