Kelly (Chapter 3) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

This was a great three-shot.  The first two have a lot of humor, and then the third one wraps up the story nicely.  Thanks for sharing!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 3) - Sat 06 Feb 2016

Nice story!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 3) - Sat 06 Feb 2016

Nice story!

SashaMarie (Chapter 3) - Sat 23 Apr 2011

This is the second time that I have read this story and it is better then the first time. I still cant get over the first chapter. Everyone thought Inuyasha was talking about Kagome sleeping around when in fact it was all about a fish. I could not stop laughing. Thanks for a great story.

Kitsune Diva (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Apr 2011

I love your story.  I like how you lead me in to thinking Kagome hooked up with Miroku first. It made the real pairing much sweeter. 

swiftdeath (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Jan 2011

wow, i am ssssssssoooooooo not going to say anything, but really! all this time i thought it was miroku but nnnnnnnnnoooooo, its the very powerful and human hating dog demon. great story by the way and man were my thoughts all mixed up.

SashaMarie (Chapter 3) - Fri 02 Jul 2010

I thought this story was funny. I thought you had put Miroku and Kagome together. I almost stopped reading for a minute, but i decided to go on and see who it was. Thank you for a great story. I loved it, it made me laugh.

Jess (Chapter 3) - Thu 07 Jan 2010

I really liked this story :D

Tarah (Chapter 1) - Sun 16 Aug 2009
lol that was good first you had me thinking that Kagome and Miroku had had sex and InuYasha found out only for it to have been about a fish that InuYasha was bitching about only to find out it was not Miroku that Kagome had been with but Sesshoumaru.

Crimson Rose (Chapter 3) - Wed 31 Dec 2008

Really good. Update as soon as you can!

Tara (Chapter 3) - Mon 21 Jul 2008
Hahaha! Very good, perfectly hilarious. I personally like a little relationship development, but maybe that could be explained in a prequil later (insert puppy eyes here lol)? Personal favourite so far most definately has to be "Damn I think they broke you Inu Baka". Literal lol right there. Earned me some very wierd looks from my roommates. Anyways keep up the good work, good grammar, etc etc. ~Tara~

SilentlyFuming (Chapter 3) - Sat 21 Jun 2008
how...anti-climatic lol, jk i wonder what's gonna happen after Inuyasha regains his senses

wawa (Chapter 2) - Tue 03 Jun 2008
The argument about the fish was brilliant!! I love your writting. Keep up the good work.

Sherri Martin (Chapter 1) - Mon 02 Jun 2008
This was absolutely fabulous! I had read it before and loved it just as much the second, third, etc. time around! This was just too great not to read more than once!! The fish was so damn funny I about fell out of my chair! Sometimes InuYasha is just plain dumb!! Loved it! Great great job!!

Sherri Martin (Chapter 2) - Mon 02 Jun 2008
OMG! I obviously had a dumbass attack! I didn't even realize their was a second chapter!! Boy am I glad I went back to it again! LOL!! was as great and as funny as the first one and Sesshomaru's last line was priceless! Poor Inuyasha...he's just not too bright sometimes! :)

EvanescentLight (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 May 2008
xDD I totally thought it was a Mir/Kag moment~! Wow, I guess that sometimes a fish really is just a fish...

Tilayha (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 May 2008
oooooooo! I so thought it was Miroku she went off with. Well done on the distraction! Beautifully written.

Running in Circles (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 May 2008
Oh man that was really good. Sango "I thought they were talking about----". I was like Miroku?? I thougth this was sess/kag. It was well written. Can't wait to see more work!

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