Kahdejus (Chapter 1) - Fri 22 Aug 2014

Though it is sad that she died it was a good sad. :) Thank you again for another amazing fanfiction!!

Kamiki (Chapter 1) - Wed 22 Jun 2011

I love it! A perfect follow-up to its predecessor :) Thanks!

Indie (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Mar 2010

There is something beyond sadness in this one, Ever though it made me tear up, there is such softness, such acceptance that it made me fall in love with her voice. It takes a good writer to invoke feeling, and you do a bang up job on it. I'm torn between which part I like better, this one, or the first one. Both at great examples of emotional writing. Good job!

Mistress Sianna (Chapter 1) - Thu 21 Jan 2010

Aaaawwww! This one was sad too, but in a really bitter-sweet way. Again, it leaves the reader to imagine how things could continue from here and how some of Kagome's life could have been. I like stories like that. The writing was good and everything was well paced.

Nice work!

Lauren (Chapter 1) - Wed 13 Jan 2010

I liked this story - both parts. It ended on a sad note, but at least you allowed Kagome to go "home" to those who loved her. That you let her hash out her regrets before hand was also very... kind of you. A very movie-like death. I do like this half better than the first, though I can't tell you why. Maybe because the end is an actual ending. That it's conclusive. ...Either way, this two parter was pretty well written. Great job. ^^

Kawaii Girl

Ikaru (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Jan 2010

ohh that was wonderful....sad but wonderful....i think it was wonderful she was able to talk to him, and then die in peace...even thought it was sad, it was a happy ending....i loved it....*sniffle*

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Thu 07 Jan 2010

thats a bit of a sad one. i didnt know there was a sequel. i liked it, makes me wonder why he was buried there, was it to be closer to Rin? or Kagome? or some way of protecting them no matter what? i dont know. but its sad. and i liked it.

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