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Jennifer (Chapter 47) - Tue 13 Nov 2018

Update soon!!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 47) - Tue 06 Nov 2018

Yippee! Update! Short and sweet! Thank you!

Alison (Chapter 47) - Mon 05 Nov 2018

Cute story 

Katrina Kee (Chapter 47) - Mon 05 Nov 2018

Hmmm I don’t know about Kagome but I do think that having cute kitty cat ears would be a nice change of pace. Too bad she doesn’t have a furry tail to go along with it lol!!! I wonder what Inuyaha would say if he saw Kagome with ears like his? Probably something along the lines of Kiky? would have prettlier ears than Kagome does......or something like that. Too bad Kagome doesn’t respond that Sesshomaru has hair like silk while Inuyasha‘s hair is coarse and needs a good washing and brushing haha!!! Can’t wait to see the “island” that Sess and Kags must visit. Will Sesshomaru take Kagome to her friends first so she can explain the situation? Probably not. Inuyasha would throw a temper tantrum like always. 

VS (Chapter 47) - Mon 05 Nov 2018

Awwh come one Sesshoumaru, don't lie to yourself. There are more reasons why you don't want to kill her than her serving a purpose! Bad puppy!!! I'm so excited to read about their travels. And I'm hoping that cats will soon make an entrance! ^^ ...karma... :)

sesshomarusama33 (Chapter 46) - Mon 22 Oct 2018

I’m loving this so far! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 45) - Sat 20 Oct 2018

Very nice! Had me smiling through the entire chapter. I love it when mama gets involved. It is never a fair match. So glad to see this back again. 

Sesskagaddict89 (Chapter 45) - Mon 15 Oct 2018

Can't wait for an update

ponpiri (Chapter 45) - Sun 14 Oct 2018

Yes, you're back!

lol at Mama Sess flattering him to get her way.

VS (Chapter 45) - Sat 13 Oct 2018


glad you are back!

United girl power! I love it! :) It seems that Sesshoumaru is backed into a corner. He has no chance against the two of them. And SessMama's last comment was hilarious. Why indeed.

I'm looking forward to your next update!

VS (Chapter 44) - Thu 20 Sep 2018

This is a wonderful story! I really enjoyed reading it! The idea with a cursed Kagome was nice. And all her attempts to meow to Sesshoumaru who she is, was so adorable! :) I had fun reading this story! 

And I'm looking forward to your next update!

Sesshoumaru has to help her find a feline :D that's karma Sesshoumaru!!! - can't wait to see that!

VS (Chapter 39) - Thu 20 Sep 2018

Ouch Sesshoumaru, that hurt! Jerk!!! He already forgot that he had comforted her before, she was just in another form but still Kagome... :(

VS (Chapter 37) - Thu 20 Sep 2018

I knew it! I knew she would wake up naked! :D Love it!!! Though I'm bit sad now...I liked Kagome as a cat! :)

VS (Chapter 28) - Thu 20 Sep 2018

Hahaha SessMama is the best. She only needed one look to understand what is going on! Well Sesshoumaru you have still a lot to learn! :)

VS (Chapter 23) - Thu 20 Sep 2018

Awwhh Sesshoumaru is stroking her how adorable!!! See Sesshoumaru it wasn't that bad! :)

Sarah (Chapter 44) - Thu 14 Dec 2017

Great story and interesting idea, love how it's all playing out so far and can't wait for the next update

KShadeslady (Chapter 44) - Tue 12 Dec 2017

Ahhh...Wonderful. Thanks so much for updating. Cheers!

Foofafie (Chapter 44) - Sun 10 Dec 2017

Well I'm waiting for more!

Foofafie (Chapter 43) - Mon 25 Sep 2017

Kirara then? ... would she count?

Ryo chan (Chapter 43) - Fri 08 Sep 2017

Noo I wanted more ???? lol I think she looks cute with ears 

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