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Makuro767 (Chapter 100) - Tue 20 Mar 2018

My mind get distracted in one chapter where Kagome tip-toed Tiny Tim's Tip Toe Through The Tulips...

MythMagykFae (Chapter 100) - Wed 18 Feb 2015

amazing, absolutely loved it! Your daughters' drawings are adorable by the way :)

starfier (Chapter 100) - Sat 10 Jan 2015

"Kanna giggled softly, and Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Feh. You're gonna end up with that thing embedded permanently in your skull, monk, so you may as well get comfortable with it."

I always laugh at that part.

I read this story a long time ago, when I first discovered this beautiful fandom. Let me say it never gets old.  This story is amazing. I've read it 3 times and I enjoy it.  

You are talented. 



smooshyfinger (Chapter 10) - Thu 16 Oct 2014

Really love this story. And I think think this will help out some people in learning the language of the flowers.

Badtzmaru1907 (Chapter 100) - Fri 03 Oct 2014

This was simply a very wonderful and beautiful story. Thank you. You are a very talented writer. <(^_^)>

PristineUngift (Chapter 100) - Sun 16 Sep 2012

Just reread. This one is one of my favorites. I especially like what you did with Kanna. Thanks for sharing.

eshwar (Chapter 100) - Sat 15 Sep 2012

Absolutely awesome, great story.

Jenna (Chapter 74) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

My reaction would be the same as hers.

Sees millions of scrolls


ForgottenOncePromised (Chapter 9) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

Again another well done chapter! I thought it was hilarious!


ForgottenOncePromised (Chapter 8) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

I can understand what she means very well. I also lost my father and it felt like everyone but my best friend was pushing themselves on me. My best friend just sat with me was there until I felt like I need someone - much like Sesshoumaru did at the end like with Kagome. You did this chapter very well!


Jenna (Chapter 59) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

Gosh Kagome's got a dirty mind.

"You will carry my young."

Kagome's thoughts must be

'Children come from sex.....We're going to have'

Jenna (Chapter 56) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

Stupid silly Naraku.

That worked on Kikyo and Inuyasha.

But you're dealing with the older brother and reincarnation from 500 years in the future.

Meaning = much smarter.

Jenna (Chapter 49) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

Can you just imagine Naraku's face when she did that?!

Omg he is going to be so mad and meanwhile I am just sitting here laughing to death!

Jenna (Chapter 44) - Fri 20 Jul 2012


That's an interesting couple.....


Jenna (Chapter 43) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

Never thought much of Kanna outside of her role as Naraku's informer. This should be interesting.

Jenna (Chapter 42) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

You love to keep that touch of angst in there with Inu don't you?

Jenna (Chapter 37) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

I believe you are the master of the fluff and tease between these two.

Jenna (Chapter 26) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

I think I would still be reeling over the fact that he overheard XD

Jenna (Chapter 16) - Fri 20 Jul 2012

With the way she was portrayed, the bitch should have erupted into flames and melted.

Jenna (Chapter 7) - Thu 19 Jul 2012

Unspoken things are so much fun!

Annnnnd Rin is amusement bundled into a small adorable child that I want to love.

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