FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Mon 26 Oct 2009

Ooo creepy Naraku! Somehow this makes me want to go back and read the Super Bowl one again! <3 great job.

Kanna37 (Chapter 1) - Mon 26 Oct 2009

Oh wow.  Creepy!  Nice one!


autumngold (Chapter 1) - Mon 26 Oct 2009

I love how Sesshoumaru loves and takes care of Kagome.  They might have their disagreements, but he is always there for her when it counts.  Thank goodness for Hayato figuring out Naraku's stupid plan.  Also, Naraku must have been insane.  Did he really think that Kagome was going to change into her old outfit for his viewing pleasure?  Get real.  Great story!

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