NerdyChick13 (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Dec 2014

That was so freakin creepy!!!

DeadlyDiva (Chapter 1) - Wed 28 Oct 2009

I've read many dark fics and have gotten used to seeing the twist early one... Nonetheless, this was exquiste. I never saw that coming.

Jkbtb (Chapter 1) - Fri 23 Oct 2009

Oh my, Wow I don't even know what to say.  I really thought it was Sesshomaru.  Excellent story!


Eddward (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Oct 2009

Oh my... That was so... disturbing. Definitely a 20 in the creep factor scale. Wow... And at first I wasn't even going to read this one. I'm glad that I did. It's so Halloween-y, too. It's pretty scary that there are people out there in the world like this... I haven't been this stunned from a story in a while. Great job! Ciao! 


Lilneme (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Oct 2009

Very dark, but very nice. Nearly had me going there when Inuyasha mentioned Sesshoumaru's name over the phone, but you're not so cruel. ^_^ Another round coming soon?

autumngold (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Oct 2009

Completely freaky story!  I thought all along it was Sesshoumaru who was Kagome's boyfriend.  I couldn't understand why she was even wanting to be around other people if he was around.  But seriously, I like how you portrayed Naraku.  How he kept track off all of Kagome's "lies" and killed off her friends accordingly.  Thank goodness Sesshoumaru found out what was going on.  Too bad he let Naraku live.  He should have hit him just a little harder!  Now Kagome is going to have to live her whole life looking over her shoulder.  Great story!

1CarinoInu (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

Whoa!  I did NOT see that coming.  Incredibly well done...and very disturbing (gave ME chills).

HanyouKagome962 (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

woah that was crazy! nothing like anything ive read from u before. i was great really really dark but good none the less.

Kanna37 (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Oct 2009

Wow.  Dark, and you did a good job of keeping a person guesing as to who was actually doing the killing.  Good job!


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