Asuka-sama (Chapter 7) - Mon 12 Oct 2009

OMG! Sesshomaru playing Guitar Hero. I never thought I'd see the day. Update soon! I need to know if he fails or succeeds at Guitar Hero! Can't wait! :D

zenfluence (Chapter 3) - Wed 07 Oct 2009

I love it so far. The only confusing thing was the "under half a grand" Isn't a grand 1,000?? I'm pretty sure that no house exists thats 500... Maybe you meant half a mil? I dunno

Other than that, love it

Hope that kagura gets her comeuppance, unlike the book

Asuka-sama (Chapter 6) - Wed 07 Oct 2009

Well, I for one love your story. I'm glad to see that you are portraying Kagome in a different way. It's new, and it's very refreashing. Your story is great so far, and I can't wait till Sesshomaru finally enters into the picture. Update soon! :D

kogazgirl29 (Chapter 6) - Wed 07 Oct 2009

i guess the story is ok

redpixie (Chapter 5) - Tue 06 Oct 2009

Very interesting beginning ! =)


I haven't read Jane Austen's book (only read Pride and Prejudice ^^) but you've got me hooked already =)

I can't wait to see how you're going to develop the characters, especially Kagome, I love the fact you'll try to make her 2 characters at the same time (adult/childish). Can't wait for the next chapter !! =)

Vanja (Chapter 3) - Mon 05 Oct 2009

Well, I really need to apologise for everything I'll write in this review. Honestly I admire people's ability to create including yours but I intensly dislike this fic. It is quite odd for me to leave a note because I am usually to lazy to write anything in English (as it is my second language) but Sense plus sensibility has an unique ability to piss me off.

Firstly I don't like Kagome and her familiy and any of the characters as a matter of fact. They are to slutty, to cheape, shallow etc. It may be just a cultural difference or I have pure Kagome impronted in my head :) I can take sarcastic, broken or even depressed Kagome but not a slutty one.

Secondly I don't understand why you put the action in modern times. It doesn't fit at all. I'm not an expert but I think that Austin wanted to describe her time and draw some independent, strong and interesting females which Kagome is not! She is spoiled, boring and easy - the kind of girl you use and throw away. They only interesting thing about her is the money she will inherit but after she has lost money, well then she lost everything.

I don't have any expectations towards this fic so I decided to stop read it. I am quite glad that I hadn't had an opportunity to ready a part with Sesshoumaru. I don't think I'll like him.

I wish you good luck with your writing - maybe your other fics will be more to my liking.

I also need to apologise for any gramar mistakes.

Drianax (Chapter 2) - Sat 03 Oct 2009

Great fic!  I really like the whole adapting Jane Austen to the characters of Inuyasha -- very original.  After all, JA has been adapted for nearly every medium -- why not fanfiction?  One question I have concerning chapter two, which I found a bit confusing is:  what are the ages of the characters?  In the book, the elder daughter was significantly older than the youngest (I think) and wasn't there a third Dashell sister?  Who will that be?  Or are you only having two sisters?  If Kag is 10 b/c Kikyo is 30, does this mean that you will be focusing on their life as the sisters grow before you have them meet the future men in their lives?  Or are you planning to divert completely from the book?  Anyway, great first two chapters -- please update soon!  

malom (Chapter 1) - Sat 03 Oct 2009

I was hoping for Pride and Prejudice since Sesshomaru would make an excellent Mr. Darcy. However, when I think about it, the Captain would do fine as well. After all, both characters were similar in their being generally misunderstood stoic rich men. Yay! I am excited about your take on this Jane Austen classic.

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