hana sora (Chapter 6) - Sun 06 Mar 2016

Kagome is a youkai now. . Wow and a dog youkai?? I want them happy, even inu and sango, they really deserve it

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 6) - Tue 23 Aug 2011

YAY!! An update! I've been a fan of this story since it was on Spark. It's a shame that Kagome had to give up her humanity just so she can have youkai children. It isn't fair to youkai or hanyous, especially hanyous who are treated like third-class citizens. I hope Naraku can pull off this hanyou rebellion of his. Knowing his clever mind, he would. I'm already looking forward to the next chapter.

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 5) - Wed 30 Sep 2009

Im so glad you are continuing this story. I believe I first read it on Spark and have enjoyed all your stories. Please hurry and update.

FangedBeasty (Chapter 5) - Wed 30 Sep 2009

I really enjoy this story, I think Kagome is over-reacting.  I mean sure she doesn't have her baby anymore, but at least she isn't dead.  Blaming Sesshoumaru for something that is beyond his control is wrong.  Would she have rathered them all having no food or anything?  She is being so selfish, I think she is only considering how she feels.  I can't wait to see what you write next.  :3

kagomesirene (Chapter 5) - Wed 30 Sep 2009

it's nice that you have the story on dokuga now too...but pretty please give me the next chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapter...i've been waiting for what feels like eons....i luv this story so muuuch...please update soon....


i really hope that somehow, by accident, miracle or whatever kagome makes it to inuyashas home and gets to see her daughter again...i'm pretty sure sesshou kinda has something against kagome living with their daughter and his brother in such danger...he may be willing to sacrifice his daughter to live in the gutter  with his brother, but what about his soon-to-be-demon mate...i think he kinda's going to flip once he discovers her escape C:


neeeeeeeeed updaaaaaaaaaaate noooooooooow pleeeeeeeeeeeease

Gabrielle (Chapter 5) - Tue 29 Sep 2009

Good plot! I like the story. However, you might want to let the reader know when the scene is changing from Sesshomaru and Kagome to other characters. Its just too meshed together and one has to think for a moment before knowing who is speaking.

It was also really sad when Sess decided to have the child killed. But it does stay true to his character... he would never fully love a hanyo. Its just against his nature.

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