Reviews for Trick'd by Kanna37

Ninjawolf1313 (Chapter 1) - Thu 19 Jan 2012

That was funny. I can only imagin the things she would come up with for April fools day. I hope you write a little short one for that

SashaMarie (Chapter 1) - Sat 31 Jul 2010

That was so good. I was laughing so hard that i was crying. Great job.

Lady Ashurii (Chapter 1) - Tue 11 May 2010

i thought u were gonna write one for april fool's day?

Creature of Shadow (Chapter 1) - Mon 03 May 2010

Buwahahahahaha! That was great! I saw that this was the first of the pair Trick'd but only atfer I had started reading the second. Thanks for reminding me about it! I tend to be kind of scatter brained. But anyway, I don't know which I liked better! I loved Inu falling out of the trees and his girlie screams. I loved the whole shabang! Great story!

Lady Ashurii (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Feb 2010

Ha! *Claps my Hands* That's rich, perfect ending!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Sep 2009

You are bad, wicked bad. I know I won't be inviting you to my sleepovers, cuz I don't want the bejeezus scared out of me! lol

katlady (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Sep 2009

:LMAOROF:: OMG TOO FUNNY you should  do one for april fools great job

Hoshi Phoenix (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Sep 2009

ahahaha I loved it!!! This one-shot was awesome! Great job!

Wynter89 (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Sep 2009

lol!!!  that was great!! It was an enjoyable read!  I love the dastardly pair! 

good luck!  Keep up the great work!  

Sesshoumaru's Fiend (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Sep 2009
That...was epic. I was killing myself laughing at the whole scenario. That was very creative. Great idea and what an amazing execution!!

DocBevCulver (Chapter 1) - Sun 27 Sep 2009

LMAO. That would so rock if you could do a prank like that. Bravo!!! I loved it! :D

autumngold (Chapter 1) - Sun 27 Sep 2009

I love Kagome's prank and Inuyasha's reactions.  Really, by the third time shouldn't he have figured it out?  I love that she wasn't able to fool Sesshoumaru.  The kissing was much better than her prank anyway.  Thank you so much for this fun story!

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