Lilneme (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 Nov 2009





...ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was great! Definitely perked my night up.

XxUnknownXxXEntityxX (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Oct 2009

This story is Amazing!!! I laughed... ALOT! Thanks for writing this, I needed the humor 

Tiana+Love (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Sep 2009
Pfft...bahahaha! This is a crackfic if I ever saw one. Wonderful Ro0, just wonderful.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Sep 2009
Go Walter! I don't know what drugs or other substances you take to come up with these little gems, but I WANT some! And explain to me how I'm gonna get the picture of r0o standing on Inuyasha's back while he scrubs the deck out of my mind!

Smittee (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Sep 2009
lol! r0o would make an interesting captain. While we are adrift at sea, she woud force her crew to write lemony plot bunnies down. XD Inuyasha should have never messed with such a being.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Sep 2009
:3 *giggles madly* i thinks i's try to fanart some of that! ^_^ we'll see how it turns out!

Black Alice Butterfly (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Sep 2009
* dies laughing* funniest thing ever, love the awesome authoress r00. :P keep it up~

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