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Haven Himori (Chapter 14) - Tue 10 Nov 2015

I hope to read more of this sometime.

iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 14) - Thu 27 May 2010

Naraku is a slimeball.  But little Rin!  Very interesting character you have created of her.  

Poor Sesshoumaru was outnumbered.  I can't wait to see what happens next :D 

Apastrophe (Chapter 1) - Thu 27 May 2010

I loved it :) <3

Rowdys girl (Chapter 13) - Wed 28 Apr 2010

TWO NEW CHAPTERS!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! And they are so very good! Is Isayoi going to kill Kikyo or just pay her off? And has Inuyasha actually beaten Sesshoumaru? Surely not! And where is Kagome going to hide?

88pieces (Chapter 13) - Tue 27 Apr 2010

oh no did yasha just cut off sessh's arm!!!!!???


iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 13) - Tue 27 Apr 2010

Oooo, what a dirty tactic, trying to sneak up on him!  Brother vs Brother O_o  I can't wait to see what happens next!

iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 12) - Tue 27 Apr 2010

OMG the part with Naraku was hilarious XD  coated in 18k gold indeed!  Seems Kagome is attracting a lot of attentionm too bad the one she wants the attention from is busy handling other business :P  She'll have to fix that.

Well done!  It was great to see an update!

TruGemini (Chapter 13) - Tue 27 Apr 2010

I hope Sess beats the living crap out of Inuyasha and his Father. Whatever the plan was, it ends now. I cant wait to see what he does knifethrower! I know it's going to be great! and I can feel Sess' frustration. going through all of this just to get back to his mate? Wow!

Oroyukae (Chapter 13) - Tue 27 Apr 2010

You have left me on the edge of my seat, Chica; not fair. I simply have to know how bad the injury is and how this altercation will end. I have a feeling you intend for any and all blame for the fight as well as injuries on Inuyasha to be placed solely upon Sessh, right? Oh, I can't wait for you to update, i have waited for another chapter in this story....I hope that you won't make us wait too long though!

Trynia Merin (Chapter 1) - Tue 27 Apr 2010

I really liked this first chapter. You did a good job with the choice of song incorporating it into the narrative. I look forward to reading more of it.

Like your descriptions and the plot so far. 

TruGemini (Chapter 12) - Tue 01 Dec 2009

Izayoi being evil? Now that is something different. For a second there I thought she would have threw someing at her. LOL! Anyway, thank you for the update. When is my other story going to be updated? I need to know if Sess is alright yet!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 12) - Tue 01 Dec 2009

Oh dear! Now we are at the point where I like to flip ahead in the book to make sure the main characters end up together and neither gets too damaged by life...the author...or the story...

Where is the damned book????

Ava 365 (Chapter 12) - Tue 01 Dec 2009

You've been missed! So, I see something very bad happeningto Kagome in the near future. What does Izayoi have up her sleeve? What about Kagome and Sesshomaru? I hope you update soon!!

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 11) - Tue 20 Oct 2009

I Need More!!!!!

autumngold (Chapter 11) - Tue 20 Oct 2009

Miroku shouldn't want to watch "Boogie Nights".  He might be found lacking!  :)  Great update!

REDWOLF (Chapter 10) - Mon 19 Oct 2009

Woe. I hope Sesshoumaru can pull this off! I can not stand his perverted father and "He-Whore" Inuyasha! I just hope they live happy ever after without problems. Kagome is a good girl! Good girls get in to trouble too! Great Fic!

Raya (Chapter 10) - Sun 18 Oct 2009

I like it, but please update soon.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 10) - Sun 18 Oct 2009

Thank you, Author-Sama, thank you so very much for a new chapter. *Bows respectfully* And it is such a good chapter too. *Giggles* I can't wait for the next. Yeah, we're never satisfied. 0_0

autumngold (Chapter 10) - Sun 18 Oct 2009

I'm so thankful that Sesshoumaru is thinking of Kagome.  But why is he going back to the estate?  Why doesn't he just take Kagome, and his mother, and get out of there.  I really don't want him to get killed.  What would Kagome and her baby do then?  Thank you so much for the update to your story!  I'm so glad that you are continuing it!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 9) - Wed 30 Sep 2009

Wah! What a spoiled brat! I hope Sessh kicks his ass.

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