Reviews for Bad Things by FourShotChild

Tenshi Villiers (Chapter 5) - Sun 09 May 2010

this is not what i had in mind but i love it. i cant wait to see what happens next

tokea (Chapter 5) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

more more more pretty please more?

KayAkuma (Chapter 5) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

I think this has got to be the best Inu/vampire fic I have ever read!  Keep it up!!! =D

stars (Chapter 5) - Tue 13 Apr 2010

please updata sooner

knifethrower (Chapter 5) - Tue 13 Apr 2010

Kouga v. Sesshy!  Yeah, baby!  You know, there are a lot of vampire fanfics out there.  Most of them are not so good.  This is awesome!

Alpine (Chapter 4) - Tue 09 Mar 2010

Awesome!!! I guess my patience has paid off... I have been holding out hope that a new chappy would come to fruition soon... Thanks to you of course. I really hope that you are able to update again soon.
Huggles ^_^

knifethrower (Chapter 2) - Mon 08 Mar 2010

Wow, this is so INTERESTING.  I am fascinated by this story.  It is very fresh and original and evocative.  You have really captured the bar life, that's for sure.  The writing is technically very good as well.  Please, keep up the excellent work.  Write a lot!

REDWOLF (Chapter 4) - Sun 07 Mar 2010

Wow, these people are truely after Vamp Sess and poor Kagome doesn't even  know that she is almost changed. Interesting fic. I hope you get to update soon!

Someonewholovesthisfanfic. (Chapter 3) - Thu 10 Sep 2009
that is one of the sexiest things i ever read. Its an awesome story please, do continue! :)

Alpine (Chapter 1) - Wed 09 Sep 2009
I just finished the Black Dog and started to read this fic.. Love that it feels kind of 'dark' I hope you have the opportunity to update soon Hugs ^_^

stars (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
please updata

Tana_san (Chapter 3) - Tue 08 Sep 2009
Intriguing...I'm not usually into vamp fics but the way these first chapters are written makes me curious. I'll be looking for more, definitely. JEN

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