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333Tenshi (Chapter 26) - Sun 01 Apr 2018

An amazing story.

sr (Chapter 25) - Tue 13 Mar 2018

this is the third time that i've read this (i found you on first)!  i love your writing  :)

candace peaches (Chapter 26) - Fri 02 Oct 2015

you've done it again. i absoultely loved this story. you have a talent for the written word. the lemon was to die for. it made me wish i was kagome. i love reading your stories and i will definitely be looking for more to read in the near future. i wonder what it would be like if sesshoumaru WAS a real live being. one can only wonder. great story. c'ya'

MythMagykFae (Chapter 26) - Sat 29 Aug 2015

Wow, I absolutely LOVE this story! I was so excited to see it after i finished Fuyu, and Fuyu no Kokoro! I couldnt stop reading so its now... 2:48 am lol. Really though funny, cute, dramatic, and great character portrayals!

Treece (Chapter 26) - Sun 17 May 2015

Thank you for writing this amazing Inuyasha fairy tale.  It had just the right amount of action, romnace, intrigue and humor.  It was fun having old characters returning and bringing the story full circle.  I love the HEA and I really like your writing. It is wonderul to read your stories and I hope to review as often as I can when I finishing reading as a big thanks.

lara (Chapter 26) - Thu 10 Feb 2011

the only thing you left out was ...what were Sessh & Kagome's Pups the son was described to have Sessh's silver hair color,Sessh's mark of the heir on his forehead, blue stripes on his face like Sessh's dad,Kagome's blue eyes & claws but you lef out any description of his ears,it was never mentioned if his ears were like Sessh's or Inuyasha's.So the big question is........ was the son born hanyou,pure Inu Dai youkai or Miko Inu Dai youkai??? is he a full Inu youkai with all his father's powers & abilities with an immunity to miko power or is he miko inu youkai having the full powers & abilities of both his father & mom ??? or his a hanyou miko youkai or just hany inu youkai??? The daughter was only described as having Kagome's  hair color & Sessh's eye color & face stripes.

So the one thing you didn't tell us that I wish you'd have let us know & I'm sure almost everyone else who read this is also wondering is about the pups.........I hope that both children are full Inu Tai Youkai & full Miko which would make them  full blooded Miko/Inu Tai youkai...what I'm trying to say is that being that Sessh is/was the most powerful  youkai male & Kagome the most powerful Miko blessed with immortality of her own, I would hope that both pups are now the 2 most powerful beings with the all the Inu tai youkai powers that Sessh had including the ability to take on their beast forms & all Kagome's powerful Miko powers & abilities....I also wish that in all that time,especially since he was able to knock her up the 1st time, they had more pups then just the son & newly born daughter ???? I also wondered why Sessh didn't Mark Kagome during the mating ,I had believed & always heard/read that it involved a bite mark & taking in the blood of each other during the mating that fused them body,mind,soul &  combining their aura's while infusing & mixing their scents permanently & that was left out with no mention ?

You mentioned that Kikyo died some time after Sessh had them come to his shiro & showed them Kagomes body that had not aged & he also told them everything that happened after Inu asked Kagome to please use the wish to bring back Kikyo to life along with the fact that Kikyo knew Kagome would have to take on her sins & suffer the consequences of all the evil deeds Kikyo had done & Kikyo purposely hid it all from  Inuyasha & along with finding out the truth the Kikyo intentionly hid from him about her knowledge that getting her life back meant Kagome would have to suffer was the fact that she did it out of hatred & jealousy of Kagome who was not only an innocent,loving being who at any time could have returned to her safe home in the future but kept returning to complete her mission because she was honorable, even though she was constantly hunted,kidnapped,tortured by enemies, Inuyasha who was claimed to be her protector constantly verbally abused her & ignored the fact that in her loyalty to him their pack she repeatedly thru her body in front of them if she felt it would save them from pain,injury or death even if it would've meant her dying & then finally  when it came time to wish on the jewel,even knowing what her consequences would be, she wanted Inuyasha to be happy & gave him his wish....then immediatley dissappeared & hid until Sessh accidentally found her ,then told him the truth ,admitting she knew Kikyo knew the truth & the cost but since Kikyo would never tell Inuyasha & Kagome only wanted to be happy made him promise not to tell & he agreed as long as he be notified immed upon her death & since he realized she'd become immortal & then learned after her death she didn't decay.........that left too many unanswered questions,so he refused to bury her & wait.

How did Kikyo end up dying ?You never told us how she died,I mean she made it obvious that she hated Kagome & had wanted her to suffer & die  & didn't care about anyone as long as she was able to stay alive.Kaede warned him than once dead,brought back as undead by an evil person using a piece of an innocents soul & then choosing to stay undead by keeping the piece of stolen soul that brought her back & then choosing to add to it by absorbing the souls of innocents was an act of evil, helping Naraku an evil being,hurting Kagome the innocent whom she'd already stolen a part of her soul, was an evil act,trying to drag Inuyasha to hell was also an evil act.....her sins were adding & if she was given real life again it would be against the will of the Kami & her sins demanded a payment that could not be escaped & she knew this & figured as long as she lived & got what she wanted & kept living....someone else had to be paying her debt & since Kagome wished her back to life against the will of the Kami she felt the debt of suffering & pain went to Kagome & that made her  happy.Inuyasha realized then that Kikyo was evil. I would love to know what her kids,village & all who knew her felt & thought when they found out the truth,,,I'm sure living in Sango & Miroku's village they learned the story how Kikyo was given her life back by the Miko Kagome that Sango & Miroku loved ..........only to find out what their mother knew of the truth & hid ......allowing the innocent loving soul who gave her a chance at life & happiness to suffer in pain & loneliness until she it was too much & she willed herself dead. 

 due to Kagome's unselfish act in order to make Inuyasha happy

I also wanted to know, since on your author bio section it mentioned this story would be rewritten with some changes &  in ff story list there are 2 stories with this title...this one being the completed story & another one listed as incomplete.  I would like to know if this story is the original & the one incomplete at this time will be the rewrite. If the other is the rewrite I hope you give us the info you didn't tell us regarding the pups, the marking 

TKE (Chapter 26) - Sun 03 Oct 2010

I absolutely love all of your fics.  They have a great storyline and seem very realistic and soooo romantic.  Can't forget the steamy moments!  You are hands down my favorite writer!!!   Can't wait for the next awesome story!

Ja Ne,


WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 26) - Thu 26 Aug 2010

I just spent the most delicious evening re-reading this marvelous trilogy.  In fact, I counted the time spent as a birthday present to myself... what better way to usher in another year of life than reading such a beautifully crafted tale??  Thank you, so very much, for tweaking it and bringing it to my attention once more!!!  Now, with a contented sigh, I am off to bed, perchance to have sweet Sess/Kag dreams!



Darrakk (Chapter 26) - Sat 02 Jan 2010



I looove you! This story sooo hit the spot dead on!


I've been looking for weeks for something like this, thank you so much!


I lack the words to describe how I feel about this story, I just stayed up til 3:40 am to finish reading it.



Still think Inuyasha should have suffered a bit more, and have slightly less going on between him and Kagome and Inukou.

But hey, he finally got what was coming to him. Maybe Kouga should have found a mate?


Nevermind. This was my absolute favorite story ever. Thank you. 

TaZz (Chapter 26) - Fri 20 Nov 2009

wow..i gota say that this series has become one of my fvorites. im goin 2 tell everyone 2 read this. thankyu.

Inumaru_Rapture (Chapter 26) - Thu 19 Nov 2009

Wonderful trilogy!  I loved it!  Great work!

BrokenSouledPoetess (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
I was completely and utterly enthralled with this fic - and it's one-shot predecessors - from beginning to end. It was a beautiful and delightful read and I thank you for it.

theunknownchild (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
Amazing! Your first Sess/Kag and it was amazing! Definetly a new favorite of mine. From the plot to the character develpment, you did a fantastic job. I look foward to any and all of your future stories.

sunset in love (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
another great chapter story direct to my favourite archive.... and i'm addicted to you... please... would you please write another story? you're great at it!!!

DocBevCulver (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
*clapping* Bravo! I truly enjoyed your first endeavor into the S/K pairing. Very wonderfully done. I hope to see more in the future. *wink* Bravo! Bravo! :D

Inu Guardian (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
Such a wonderful story!!! I hope you decide to write more stories with Sess/Kag pairing. You are so talented!!

stars (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
please write another story this was great

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
Such a nice epilogue to a womderful story. Everyone ends up with someone in the end. Can't wait for more of your work. ^_^

autumngold (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
Great ending! I'm so glad that Kagome got to see her mother again. I'm also glad that Inuyasha found someone else to love. He really should be grateful that his new wife even puts up with him. It seems, since Inuyasha refuses to give her his whole heart, that she could have done much better for herself. Thank you for the happy ending. I really enjoyed this story!

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 26) - Mon 17 Aug 2009
I enjoyed this thoroughly. It was amazing!!

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