lara (Chapter 10) - Mon 07 Mar 2011

this was an amazing story or group of stories. I was thinking of all the beings:1- Hayato,dai-tengu-the kite that was a mountain guardian or something,2- Kirin-head of a dragon with glowing scales ,the body of a deer,surrounded in glowing flames it is a sacred familiar of the Kamis, a most powerful creature, even above the dragon and the phoenix "It can walk on grass and not trample the blades and can also walk on water. The Kirin is an omen of immense good luck, & often appears at the beginning of a new and powerful dynasty, or the birth of a sage."3- Takehiro the o-kami & mountain prince-a Kami who could take the shape of a human or white wolf,4-Yemon the jubokko tree/vampire tree

the Kirin showed up next to Kagome when she was alone gathering water & Sessh found her hiding in a bush..they watched the Kirin & Sessh told her what it was & what it meant-the Kirin then approached Sessh & Kagome & blew a long breath of iridescent flame on both of them & in their faces, they both closed their eyes but felt no pain & when they opened their eyes the Kirin was gone but when they looked at each other Kagome saw that all of Sessh markings were glowing & when Sessh looked at Kagome she was covered in his markings & they were all glowing when the glowing died away he could not see his markings..Kagome was in awe & confused by what had happened...Sessh kissed the mirror image marking still aglow on her forehead whlie wondering to himself?

'Blessed by a Kirin, and through the creature, by the Kamis themselves.  The omen must be regarding our intended mating; are our pups to be the beginning of the new and powerful dynasty being foretold?'

they we attacked by Naraku,Kagome taken by Kagura on her feather then Kagome was dropped to thru the trees tot he forest floor & found by Takehiro,the Mountain Prince,an O-Kami,who could appear as a white wolf or a man, he was Kami he took Kagome heal her,when he realized whe was Miko,but not healing & getting weaker.Out of desperation he went into her mind,aura & body to  ascertain her injuries & was shocked to find she was the Shikon Miko but also the most powerful human he'd ever seen or heard of....but he knew of her destiny & the importance of her survival & her being so he did everything in his power to heal her...he combined their aura's which meant marking her for her protection because his aura held the power of immortality & left her with a mark of blessing from an actual Kami--------he then returned her to Sessh & told him everything, how she was injured,what he tried ,how she almost died & being a Kami he asked Sessh to recall what happened to similar injured youkai under him & told him he did what he had to because it was the only way or she would have died so he refused to apology as their was no other way,but he did wipe her memory of him. he then gave Sessh pain med he'd made himself for her.The Kami then told Sessh "You are a lucky dog she is the most powerful human he'd ever seen or heard of.".& then he also told Sessh "Take care of your precious treasure,she is worth far more than you will ever know."

then Kagome came across Yemon,a Jubokko or vampire tree- he gave her permission to take 2 of his largest limbs & use the bark for healing & after removing the bark he told her she'd have a Bow & 3 arrows & that the arrows could purify the most powerful demon even if used by a person with no power & the Bow itself could also be used as a weapon to purify any demon..he then told her of what was to come & what would happen to signal the final battle & asked for a drop of her blood. He told her to be forwarned is to be forarmed & then she pricked her finger on a vine with a thorn he held out & the last thing he said was "To be prepared for victory" & he then burst into ash.

when Kagome asked Sessh if he could believed & Sessh told her "Miko. any branch taken from a Jubokko tree,with permission, is a most powerful item that can be used to heal or purify by nearly anyone."

I want more of your story so badly I'm dying

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more of everything or at least of the story with Sessh & Shun & all this info


MontiK (Chapter 10) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

Wow O.O that was awesome. Kudos for bringing in Ninmenka :) and I really liked how you added in the bit about the tree moving the plants and such around. I thought he'd be evil but then him being all wise in the end totally threw me for a loop, but a very good loop. The tree was only there for a little bit ;.;  and I was sad when he died. I love how you tied it into the plot too! All around amazingness! Thank you again for answering my challenge :)



TruGemini (Chapter 9) - Sun 13 Sep 2009

Nys-Not-Signed-In (Chapter 5) - Sun 23 Aug 2009
Oh this is clever - to use the animated objects in a cartoon in place of tsukumogami :D

MontiK (Chapter 7) - Thu 20 Aug 2009
This chapter was really cool ^.^ I like the inclusion of Inuyasha's hallucination with inupapa, it really ties in the whole hallucination/staring contest into the story even more. Thanks for responding to the challenge again! :D -MontiK

TruGemini (Chapter 6) - Tue 11 Aug 2009
Jaken is an idiot!

TruGemini (Chapter 3) - Mon 10 Aug 2009
I love stories of Kirins. To be blessed by a creature so peaceful and powerful. Those are the best stories.

MontiK (Chapter 6) - Mon 10 Aug 2009
This chapter was cute! It's nice to get some more insight into Jaken, poor little guy gets left out a lot. Eek about his bad aim >.< Sesshoumaru's gonna see how far he can punt the little toady! xD Thanks for posting! -MontiK

MontiK (Chapter 5) - Sun 02 Aug 2009
This was awesome! B&B is one of my favorite fairytales ever :D I didn't even think to connect the servants in there with the youkai either! This is really creative and I loved the line at the end about Sesshoumaru melting the DvD player xD made me giggle. Love this! -MontiK

kotainuchan (Chapter 4) - Sun 26 Jul 2009
Really great!

MontiK (Chapter 4) - Sat 25 Jul 2009
That was awesome! :D You used a ton of the Tengu's aspects and it added alot to the character, I can't help but hope maybe we'll see Hayato later on too, I really like his mischevious character, and he did a cute little almost match maker thing making Sesshoumaru realize Kagome had the hots for him ;) Inuyasha getting totally pwned by a bird is priceless too xD Great Chapter! -MontiK

MontiK (Chapter 3) - Wed 22 Jul 2009
Really good ^.^ I like how they just don't really care when inuyasha runs off, sort of gets old in fics when there's a big hullaballo over it everytime. Nice inclusion of the kirin too, and I like the implication about their future children :)

Nysrina (Chapter 2) - Wed 22 Jul 2009
Thumbs up for the research on old superstitions :)

DreamWalker (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jul 2009
Wow- now I wonder are you going to explain what Sesshomaru went through or wil it simply be he made it through time. I am so hooked and it's only been the first chapter.

MontiK (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Jun 2009
Oh this is great Tenchi! I was hoping someone would use the Goshinboku for this challenge. Wonderfully done, I especially like the festival, that was a great touch. MontiK

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