Reviews for Puppet love by Walter205

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Wed 03 Jul 2019


Desiree Nickels (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Dec 2013

Please update???!!!!

Nobody (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009

i had to read this a few times. Dont ever change walter your writing is always intriguing and different. Great job.

Possessed (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009

Walter, you never fail to baffle me, but a bored me is not pretty, so keep doing what you do so well!

I am left to my imagination as to how/why, they could/would say "sock puppet" with their mouths full of each other.  *goes to make sock puppets to act this out...*

This review is almost longer than the story... LOL!

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