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Mio-sama (Chapter 108) - Sat 08 Apr 2017

ojala termines algún día esta fantástica historia!! Voy a cruzar los dedos para que asi sea!! :)

KEdakumi (Chapter 108) - Sun 07 Feb 2016

This is such a good story. ..I read through it all without realizing it wasn't finished.  You're breaking my heart.

I hope you will update soon

silentsoliloquy82 (Chapter 91) - Fri 11 Jul 2014

WOW!  I am glad I remembered this little gem and picked it up again.  This is a brilliant masterpiece and one of the most original stories I have ever read. 

ChickenSparrow (Chapter 108) - Sat 07 Dec 2013

This story is wonderful! Every character is beautifully portrayed and draws you into the story completely. Excellent.

Moonlight Silk (Chapter 108) - Sun 11 Aug 2013

This is such a great story and I hope you will find the inspiration you need to continue with it someday.

River (Chapter 108) - Mon 09 Jul 2012

Hi!  Just re-read this story again because I discovered that there were a couple of chapters that I had missed.  I loved the complexity of this story and I hope some day you will be inspired to continue (it is so well written, and I want to know what happens next!!)  

In any case, thanks for sharing.

RansLover (Chapter 108) - Mon 30 Apr 2012

I love this story! please please update!!!

yashlover1234 (Chapter 108) - Sat 15 Jan 2011

hey i loooove your story but when r u updating it its been like almost a year since i read it and i wanna c how it ends so plz update soon 11 ;)

angel (Chapter 108) - Mon 02 Aug 2010

hey i looove ur story !!! XD plz udate soon its been a while and i wanna read more .... :D

Pebbs (Chapter 108) - Sat 17 Jul 2010

I have been reading through this story again.  And I enjoy it even more if that's possible.  Please do continue.  I truly enjoy your writting and storytelling. 

Pebbs (Chapter 108) - Sat 15 May 2010

I managed to read your fic so quickly!!  So interesting and entertaining.  There's a lot going on and I like how you jump back and forth between timelines.  I managed to laugh so hard in some of your chapters picturing the scenes because I could easily see certain characters interacting in such a way.  Plus, The Band of Seven always made for an interesting arc.  It's pretty damn interesting to see them in this story.  Sesshomaru and Kagome's relationship in this story has such believable drama in it.  They are both commited to one another, but the underlining problems of their union make them both seem unprepared and inexperienced for the changes they face.  I like that mostly.  This is such a great story!

Lookin forward to your next update!!

Kanna37 (Chapter 108) - Thu 11 Mar 2010

I'm really glad to see a new chapter - I've got this story favorited over on as well, and I'm thrilled your still working on it!


TruGemini (Chapter 108) - Thu 11 Mar 2010

I remember that song. I knew something more was going to happen between them. Miroku almost killed Sango's spirit. She should sty with Bank.

Mina (Chapter 106) - Tue 29 Dec 2009

please update soon knifethrower! im obsessed with this particular work of urs...its a great story!

non (Chapter 106) - Sat 26 Sep 2009
Ooh... hope Sesshoumaru gets better and goes back to Kagome soon! ((dokidoki)) Can't wait for the next installment! (>_<)

TruGemini (Chapter 106) - Wed 23 Sep 2009
So he is getting worse and Jak is being bitchy? What will Kagome do? What is the strange metal?

Kiara (Chapter 105) - Wed 16 Sep 2009
wow great story. lol i like how u totally made Jak seem so nice and compassionate. i think he makes a better good guy than a bad guy :) u totally need to add to this story

deuxanges (Chapter 105) - Tue 01 Sep 2009
Agh - I've spent the last three nights reading this yummy fanfic, unable to stop and go to sleep until I'm about ready to pass out. Please please say there's more to come??? *wibble*

malom (Chapter 105) - Mon 31 Aug 2009
I have been a rather silent follower of this fic despite my earlier pronouncement (as an unregistered reviewer) that I personally consider this to be one of the top five sesskag fanfic I have ever read (and boy, have I read a lot!). Double Vision is a very creative yet plausible re-imagining of the Inuyasha landscape post-manga. Description and imagery is employed only to fulfill a storytelling intent, no more and no less. Each chapter conjures the scenes vividly without verbiage. Most importantly, the characters come alive with believable heartaches, motives, and emotional baggage, enriched in so many ways yet keeping true to their original conception. Both Freud and Fromm would have been proud. Double Vision is at once humorous, heartwarming, sensuous, horrific, dynamic, exciting, action-filled, and provocative. In short, it is a masterpiece that rivals Rumiko Takahashi's comic without the encumbrances of the shounen genre.

TruGemini (Chapter 105) - Sat 29 Aug 2009
Oooohhh! A new love interest for Jak?! What's up with Sess? What is the wound about? Why is he still having Kags feed off him? So many questions! Why won't he mate with Kagome? Come on KT!!! I need more!! LOL!

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