Young Kagome (Chapter 2) - Tue 29 Dec 2020

Show him Kagome!! I'm wondering if they're going to stick around each other or if this is a passing fancy that goes away when the other is out of sight for an extended amount of time. Please update soon!! 

Sasuna (Chapter 2) - Mon 28 Dec 2020

Buenisiiimo!! Continua con esta historia esperando que las chispas de reyki y yukay se fusionen entre los dos y generen una gran emoción que se convertira en un fuego latente en ambos

Mecca (Chapter 2) - Mon 28 Dec 2020

Awesome chapter! Thank you for making it extra long and packed with so many goodies <3

LSP (Chapter 1) - Sun 27 Dec 2020

This is great! Waiting for a sequel.

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Thu 24 Dec 2020

Well written, I'm intrigued! Sess is in character, he would just up and leave afterward. Please continue <3

Young Kagome (Chapter 1) - Wed 23 Dec 2020

Why does he feel so protective of her?? Why'd his eyes flash when she was in danger. It doesn't make sense to me!! He can't possibly like her now. I am confusion. I can't wait to see where this goes! Please update soon and Happy Holidays! 

Mynameishuman (Chapter 1) - Wed 23 Dec 2020

Super good. Excited for more. 

susie (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Dec 2020

interesting story with a good start!  i like the way you are having Sesshoumaru interact with her - unapologetically curious.  i love when he just waltzes up like 'i'm bored, you're interesting.  you will answer my questions until i'm bored again, and if that means i have to follow you around, so be it.'

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